Graduation and Final Dance at SMC!

The grande finale is finally here! This evening, all of our Arabic and Spanish students graduated from their respective MIL Academies. A huge congratulations to our students on four fantastic weeks of language learning! These students were met with challenges, in and out of the classroom, and they all rose to the occasion while sharpening their language skills and building relationships.


Arabic and Spanish World Expo at SMC!

This Wednesday, Arabic and Spanish students performed in the "World Expo". Both academies gathered together to present what they had learned and created in their Cultural Exploration courses. 

We live-streamed the event, and have a full video of the entire expo. Please follow this link to watch the performances from every Arabic and Spanish student:

Middlebury Field Trip and World Expo Rehearsal at SMC

Happy Monday! The Spanish Academy started their week with a trip to Middlebury College. At Middlebury, students completed a scavenger hunt around campus, and the older students attended an admissions information session. At the end of the day, the academy watched a flamenco concert before eating a picnic dinner.


Photos of the day at Middlebury can be found in our Facebook album from the day - more photos are coming soon! 

Running Bulls and Wedding Bells at SMC

Today was the most eventful and jam-packed Saturday at SMC to date! Students in the Arabic and Spanish Academies had a full day of activities.


The Arabic Academy’s day started off at a local art studio. Students brought the tracing paper designs they created yesterday and transferred them onto tiles which they painted with beautoful, bright paint. Students created three tiles in total: one a geometric, one floral, and one calligraphy design. After their visit to the art studio, students visited a scenic park in Burlington before heading back to SMC.

SMC Guest Post: Camino de Santiago Cultural Exploration Course with Alejandro

The following is a guest post from Alejandro, a Spanish teacher at SMC, detailing his "El Camino de Santiago" CE class:


Our Final Full Friday at SMC

Just like that, week three of classes has come to a close and students are heading into their last weekend on campus. As always, it was a busy day here at SMC. Students went to class, finished up the last day of their Week 3 cultural exploration courses, called and ended their Friday with fun, academy-wide evening activities.


Friday Feature: RA Samantha and Las Puertorriqueñas Living Group

The following is a guest post from Samantha, a Spanish RA, detailing a "day in the life" here at SMC: 



(*Disclosure: the following entry will be in Spanglish) 


I’m Samantha, las puertorriqueñas Residential Advisor (RA). Back in 2013 I was a student in the German Academy. My RA’s inspired me to later apply for the position and so far this is my second year working as an RA at the Spanish Academy!

Vamos a la playa (SMC)

Greetings from the shores of Lake Champlain! Today our Spanish Academy took a day trip to a local beach on the lake. Students arrived mid-afternoon and stayed until dusk - it was a full day of fun and relaxation. Though it was windy and the water was cold, students were quick to jump into the lake and swim. They also went for scenic walks around the park, built sand castles, played football, read, made bracelets, played ukulele, or hung out with friends under the sun. They even had a “picnic” dinner with brown bag meals.

“Skyscraper”, “United”, "Squirrel" - Favorite New Words In Arabic At SMC


Today in honor of our third weeking being underway, I asked our Arabic students to show me their favorite new word that they have learned in Arabic (plus the English translation). Below are some of the results, and check out the slideshow above for a complete album of student responses! 



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