The Grand Finale

Nostalgia was in the air today—for everyone.

Today marked the official end of the program for both the Chinese and French Academies. This monumental conclusion was capped off with an evening event: the graduation ceremony.

All of the staff and the students came together—in the theater room—to celebrate the students’ accomplishment of living immersed in Chinese and French for four entire weeks. It was a celebration packed high with emotions and sentiment.

School's out!

Alas, the day has come: the last day of school!

Today marks the final day of classes for both classes—and, more notably, the last full day of the Language Pledge®! Tomorrow, in the evening, the students will be authorized, once and for all, to speak English—without any consequences!

For the Chinese Academy, classes were as you would expect them to be on the last day: fun, entertaining and easy. While most classes took the day to relax, there were a few classes still covering curriculum. However, the lessons weren’t dense, in any form.


The storm has come: testing began today!

For the Chinese Academy, today was their test day, in which all students took the STAMP Assessment. In various tech labs across the campus, the students were set up on computers to take the assessment—and, thankfully, everyone completed it, successfully!

The French Academy, on the other hand, has its testing tomorrow morning. So, the students had one final “regular” day, in which the routine set of classes were completed, along with the afternoon activities with REs.

The Final Days

A cultivation of language and communication skills has been in the process for over three weeks. And now, the final days of the program are upon the students—all of whom have dedicated themselves intellectually, day in and day out.

Due to the approaching conclusion, teachers have been slowing the classes down, allowing students to taper their minds in the days before their final exam, which is otherwise known as the “STAMP Assessment.”

A Day on the Lake

Due to inclement weather, the French Academy had to cancel its field trip on Monday. However, it was quickly rescheduled to today, so the students were able to easily bounce back from Monday’s temporary disappointment!

Today, students boarded a group of buses, after completing their set of morning classes. En route to Burlington, students and staff were filled with excitement for today’s events: a ferry ride on Lake Champlain and trip to North Beach!

The Red Shirt Takeover

Today, there was a red shirt takeover down in Middlebury, Vermont!

The Chinese Academy—in one large exodus—swarmed into the small town of Middlebury, where they had the chance to check out the school and get a taste for the local culture of the small town.

The Long Weekend Continues

On this immaculate Sunday, students from both Academies enjoyed their second day off, which is only two thirds of their weekend, since there are no classes tomorrow—both Academies embark on field trips for the day in lieu of a full day of classes!

Today, students were granted the choice—just like yesterday—to sleep in, if they wanted. Many students took advantage of this, catching up on some much-needed summer hibernation sleep.

Finally, Saturday!

After a busy week, students—from both Academies—enjoyed a relaxing Saturday, in which there were no obligations or assignments that called for their intellectual exertion.

Most students took their time in the morning, leisurely getting dressed and making their way outside. Others, however, made the most of the morning, waking up early for runs and other forms of exercise, while the weather is still cool.

Friday: The Capstone of the Week

At last, it’s Friday: the third school week has come to a close.

In an eventful Friday, students from the Chinese Academy were busily packed from the morning to evening with classes, activities and a guest speaker presentation—what a day!

In classes, today, students continued on from what they did yesterday, building and strengthening their vocabulary to new heights. Here’s an overview of what went on in some of the classes:

College Day: A trip to Middlebury!

Today, students from the French Academy boarded the buses and made the trek all the way to Middlebury, Vermont for a tour of Middlebury College!

Leaving promptly at 7 A.M., students and teachers enjoyed a day in which they were exposed to some new scenery and branch out beyond the typical sights of St. Michael’s College.

As for the students: today gave them a chance to explore the possibility of continuing their education at Middlebury and familiarize themselves with the college’s campus!


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