Biking in Salamanca

One of the good things about Salamanca is that everyone walks or bikes everywhere. It is not common to commute or use your car to go anywhere. That's why the city has a great combination of bike trails and roads.

Yesterday, our students took a trail that goes from Salamanca to a small village about four miles away. Open spaces surrounded by trees and small villas, long roads, and impressive views surrounded our students to their destination.

The Casino of Salamanca

The Casino of Salamanca, located in the historic Palacio de Figueroa, lets you see the aesthetic taste of people who have been able to decorate it with paintings, tapestries and sculptures of beauty and artistic interest for over 150 years.

The careful attention and the wide frame of its neo-renaissance  patio make it an ideal place for social celebrations for members of the casino and their relatives, as well as official and public acts. They are also famous for their many festivities, including Fairs of Salamanca, Carnival, and San Juan de Sahagún.

Cooking Class

One of the best parts about going abroad to Spain is to get the chance to taste the wide variety of dishes, tapas, and traditional food. It’s even better if you get a cooking class to learn how to cook a delicious paella and a refreshing limonada (lemonade).

Students Participate in a Wide Variety of Cultural Activities

During the week, the students can choose from a wide variety of activities organized by the staff.

Juan teaches the kids how to play soccer and kick the ball. Marina and Ana organise board games and a bracelet workshop. Álvaro takes some of the kids to the big parks of the city on the running club.

There are also two professional dancers that show the kids how to move their hips to the sound of salsa and bachata.

Yoga, singing, art workshops, cooking classes and some site-seeing are also some of the activities our kids take part in during the week.

A Trip to Madrid

On Saturday students traveled to Madrid for a full day excursion.

Our first stop was the Prado Museum. Based on the former Spanish Royal Collection, the Prado is a magnificent old castle and one of the world’s premiere art galleries. At the Prado, students participated in a guided tour of some of the most fascinating paintings in the history of Spanish art, including works by Velazquéz, Goya, and El Greco, to name a few.

Salamanca as a literary metaphor

Salamanca is a city where you can breathe literature: in the old part of the city it is impossible to visit a street, monument or square that does not remind us of some character in the world of literature. If we walk along the Roman Bridge we will see the famous headless bull against which the blind man hit Lazarillo de Tormes.

4th of July Potluck Celebration at Bar Cum Laude

For our family potluck, students teamed up with their host moms to make delicious traditional Spanish dishes with some 4th of July flare.

It was a very special event that allowed students to share some of their American culture with host families, and to experience a little slice of home as we near that halfway mark of the program.

Segovia y Ávila, from the Salamanca Study Abroad Site

Last weekend we visited the beautiful city of Segovia and the old walled Ávila, Unesco Heritage Site since 1985.

We set off early in the morning to seize the day. When we got to the city, two tour guides were waiting for us under the great Roman aqueduct (pictures below!) ready to show us the city. We walked through the main street, calle real, up to the Alcazar, an old medieval castle.

First Academic Assembly and Handmade Stamp Workshop

Students participated in their first Academic Assembly of the program.

"Tuna" Music and Pizza Night at Camelot

Salamanca Academy students, joined by some of their new Spanish friends from the Cultural Exchange night, enjoyed a private party at Bar Camelot, where they ate pizza, heard traditional Spanish “Tuna” music, and danced the night away. Popular dance numbers included “Despacito,” “Bailando,” “Gasolina,” “Limbo,” and “The Macarena.” Students also put Wednesday’s Latino dance lesson to good use and partnered up with fellow students to dance salsa.


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