Le Mont Saint Michel et Saint Malo

Bonjour à tous!

Here is some news from the end of week 1! Classes are still going well and even though the weather was not very accommodating on Friday, the students had a great day! Some unexpected rain in the afternoon forced us to postpone our great scavenger hunt in the city center (students are going there on Monday, stay tuned for some pictures!), so our super RAs organized an afternoon of fun indoor activities. Their day ended with a viewing of Fort Boyard, the real version of the game they played on Monday.  

A little tour of Nantes!

The students have started to discover Nantes and we wanted to share it with you! They had the chance to tour the city center in small groups and get a first taste of the incredible city in which they are going to spend the next few weeks! They will have more opportunities to discover what the city has to offer next week with new activities.

The first few days in Nantes!

Bonjour de Nantes,

The immersion experience is off to a great start! Students are truly enjoying their first few days here. After challenging Père Fouras, the great game master of Fort Boyard and a good night of sleep, students were ready for a new exciting day!

Wednesday started with breakfast and the morning assembly, their daily meeting with the RAs before heading to class. Everyone is working hard to improve their French!

Bonjour de Nantes!

The summer immersion experience has officially begun. After arriving to the Blanche de Castille campus in Nantes, students were welcomed by the creative and energetic RA’s who made sure to take care of them. Students dropped off their bags and quickly went to the cafeteria for a well deserved diner composed of cheese platters, chocolate mousse, rice with eggplant and a steak. Despite the jetlag and their overall fatigue, students met each other, took possession of their quarters and did a few activities before heading to bed.

The Language Pledge in Nantes

Students arrived safely here in Nantes, and are off and running with their mission to master French.

Check out these photos from the Language Pledge ceremony, in which students take an oath to speak only in French for the next four weeks.

Scroll to the end of the picture gallery to see a picture from welcome day, as well as a picture from our first walk downtown. 


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