Au Revoir!

And that is a wrap! All our students left today, and we already miss them! What a great month we all had. And to conclude the 2017 Nantes Summer Academy, we wanted to do a post with all the best moments of the program.

The first week was all about starting slowly with French and getting to know the staff and the campus. During this week they took their Language Pledge, visited the city centre and Trentemoult, played some great games with the RAs, and went to Saint Malo and le Mont Saint-Michel!

Crêpes & Farewell Party!

Bonjour de Nantes,

A sweet nostalgia took possession of the Summer Academy as we are coming so close to the end of the program. And students are making the most of their last few days!

On Monday evening students had a Tahitian evening. They learned how to dance the Tahitian traditional dance with dancers and had so much fun!

A Few More Fun Days in Nantes...

Bonjour de Nantes,

We cannot believe it is already the last week of the program! It feels like the program started just a few days ago. Time flies quickly when you have so much fun!

After a super fun Bastille day, we headed to le Puy du fou, a historical theme park on a sunny day! The students could see shows, including musical and water shows. Students had a quiet evening after this exciting day.

Happy Belated Bastille Day from the Nantes Academy

Bonjour de Nantes!

Happy Bastille Day from Nantes Academy! Students had a super fun day and we wanted to share it with you!

First, our RAs explained the Revolution to the students. Then they organized a real prise de la Bastille! 10 students volunteered to play the royalist (our Resident director was playing the Queen Marie-Antoinette). They had to keep the castle with some of the RAs. Meanwhile, the revolutionaries were getting ready for the battle with Phrygian caps, French flags, and munitions to take the castle—water bombs.

A Medieval Week!

Bonjour de Nantes,

Just like the past two weeks, students were divided in 3 groups in the afternoon. As we are all going to Le Puy du Fou this weekend (a rewarded historical theme park), our great RAs organized afternoons with a medieval theme for our students.

Students were divided in 4 families with a blazon. The RAs wore costumes, built a (paper) castle, and made some horses so everything could seem real! The games included jousting, chest, archery, and so much more.

Culinary Adventures

Bonjour gourmand de Nantes!

Week 3 of the program started on Sunday and this week is all about cooking and culinary discoveries. And what a great week the students are going to have!

They started on Sunday with a visit to Nantes’ farmer's market: le marché Talensac. They had a morning of free time (under the supervision of the RAs) to explore it and to do some shopping. There was bread, fruit, bags, flowers, cakes...

Castle Life for a Day!

Bonjour des châteaux de la Loire,

After exploring le Mont Saint Michel and Saint Malo last Saturday, students had a chance to discover some of the most beautiful castles in the Loire Valley this past Saturday! We wanted to share this incredible day with you.

Settling in to life in Nantes

We are arriving at the end of a full week, and everyone is starting to feel more at home in Nantes. Friendships have developed, students are becoming more accustomed to the rhythm of the program, and everyone is making progress in French!

Dancing and exploring in Nantes

Week 2 of the program is all about exploring the city, so we started off the week with a great scavenger hunt.

Students went around Nantes in small groups with the RAs to have some free time in the city center. One of the activities was to ask questions to French people (under the supervision of RAs) so they could practice their French. They all did great and each student won a little prize for taking part in the game, and the winning group won a special one.

Already a week of adventure in Nantes!

We cannot believe one week of the program is already over. And what a wonderful end of week 1 we had!

After having some fun on our first day-trip on Saturday, students woke up Sunday morning for a new promising day of adventures. Despite the grey weather in the morning, they enjoyed a cruise on one of Nantes’ river: l’Erdre. This part of the city is very peaceful and taking a boat is a great way to observe the mansions and castles along the river!


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