Granada: Hasta La Próxima Vez

     Our last day in Granada was off to an energetic start as we filmed a program-wide music video or “lip dub” to the song “Vivir Mi Vida.” Watch the video on our Facebook page and here: We also celebrated Meghan’s Birthday with singing and confetti!  For the final day of classes in the city, Carmen and Montse’s classes enjoyed snacks and tea at local restaurants in the city.

Granada: Soaking It All In

     Luis’ class spent this Wednesday morning interviewing locals in the city about Spanish celebrities, but the celebrity on campus today was Constantine because it was his birthday! Happy Birthday Constantine!  After more one-on-one meetings with teachers and surveys to reflect on their time here, students spent the afternoon at the pool! It was a beautiful day to soak in the sunshine and the company of this amazing group.

Granada: Flamenco and Field Trips

     Student council began this Tuesday morning with a breakfast meeting to discuss our final three days left and suggestions for next summer. During class time, I went with Julia's class to a street nearby called Calle de la Calderería Nueva, often referred to as "Little Morocco" in Granada. This street resembles a Moroccan marketplace filled with colorful arts and crafts as well as tea houses or "teterías". Here, students asked questions to shopkeepers about their merchandise as well as the Islamic influences on art and culture in Granada.

Granada: Week 4 Water Party

   Students spent their last Monday morning here going to Spanish classes, taking the STAMP Spanish assessment, and checking in individually with their language teachers about their progress in class.  After lunch, Alba’s group celebrated Ally’s birthday with singing and cake; Happy Birthday Ally!

Granada: Day Trip to Malaga!

     A cloudy, cool Saturday morning was perfect weather for exploring the big city of Malaga! Students were led by our fabulous guides, Chema, Alba, Mario, Javier, and Lorena to four famous landmarks including the Roman theater ruins and Alcazaba, the cathedral, a local produce market, and the marina for lunch.  After touring the city, students got over an hour to explore in small groups. Some students went to the contemporary art museum, while others wandered the busy streets of Malaga shopping and tasting new foods.

Granada: Student Role Models

           I can’t believe it, but one week from today we will all be back home. Time flies when you’re having fun!  For their last day in this week’s CE sections, Luis’ class created an array of Pre-Colombian arts and crafts including drawings, medallions, and god’s eyes. After comida, we celebrated not one, but two birthdays by singing and eating delicious local cakes! Happy Birthday, Zainab and Christina!

Granada's Got Talent!

     Students were in great spirits during assembly and classes despite rising temperatures in Granada. Antonio’s CE comics class began with an activity to see how observant the students were.  In this activity, students broke off into pairs and stood back to back. Then, they had to answer specific questions about their partner such as the color of their eyes, nails, and clothing.  This activity was a great warm-up before the students started designing and drawing their own comics paying special attention to even the smallest details. 

Granada: The Culture of Cooking with Concha

     Concha’s Level 3 Spanish class builds on this week’s theme of local food and customs regarding mealtime.  Discussing differences they have observed between The US and Spain surrounding food and culinary customs, students in this class focused on the Can Do statement,”I can compare and contrast culinary culture and behavior of the host city to that of my own.” One of the biggest differences regarding meals in Spain is the schedule of meals.

Granada: Games from Carmen's Classroom to the Pool

     Assembly was full of smiles as Samuel Levine became “The New Jose (RA)” and led a dance in morning assembly to his favorite song “Sophia.” The crowd went wild when Sam struck his final pose to end the dance, and it was a perfect activity to energize everyone for Spanish class. During class time, I had the opportunity to check in with Carmen’s Spanish Level 4 class.

Granada: Local Foods with Luis' Spanish Class

     Student council had their second meeting during breakfast on Tuesday, discussing suggestions for assembly and giving feedback about classes. Students then danced their way into class after Jose and Inma taught everyone new choreography in morning assembly. During classes, I checked in with Luis' Level 4 class.         


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