Sunday Spotlight: An Interview with Simon Hoellerbauer

Week 1 here at MIL Summer Academy 2017 is officially in the history books! While Week 1 here at Green Mountain College was extremely busy, we have just as much to be excited about for Week 2. Stay tuned for all of these upcoming adventures! 

A Night of Dancing!

The weekend is in full swing here at GMC! With today marking the first day without classes in five days, students took the time to settle into a more relaxed schedule today. And although it rained for most of the day, students refused to let that put a damper on their spirits! 

Crepes, Dumplings, and Weiner Schnitzel - Oh My!

Happy Friday, everyone! Today, students successfully finished their first week of classes, and are super excited to head into their first weekend here at Green Mountain College! Each of the academies was busy in their own way today, but all of them shared one common cultural experience: food. 

Welcome Message from Becky Kelley, MIL French Academy Director

Bonjour! My name is Becky Kelley and I am the Language Director of the French Academy at Green Mountain College. Over the past week, I have really enjoyed getting to know all of our students, introducing them to what life is going to be like here for the next four weeks, and seeing their curiosity and excitement already be piqued!


A Day of Sports, and Extreme Creativity!

Another busy day here at Green Mountain College complete! Here were some of the highlights from the different academies! 


Students interviewed each other about their social media platforms, and blogs that they follow.
Students in lower levels learned more about French fasion, as well as practiced vocabulary over morning routines. 

From Ballroom Dancing to Brushstroke Painting - Cultural Exploration at MIL

Not a single sound of English was heard on campus today as students wholeheatedly jumped into their classes! Throughout the day, students in the French, German, and Chinese language academies took part in classroom time, cultural exploration, and a slew of activities: from improv-comedy, work out routines, and culturally relevant movies. 

Classes, Pledges, and Goodbyes to English

And just like that, the first day here of the MIL Summer Language Academies at Green Mountain College has been completed! As the first day of the Chinese, French, and German academies flew by, students were kept busy throughout its entirety.

Students started the day by taking quick placement tests for their respective academies. Once these were out of the way, they then immediately jumped into their classes with their teachers!

The Students Have Landed!

Welcome, Bienvenue, Willkommen, and 欢迎 everyone! Today, students of the French, Chinese, and German academies arrived at Green Mountain College. Throughout this busy day, students began to filter through the staff tables at registration. Here, they received “swag bags” and snazzy new language t-shirts, as well as (gasp) parted with all of their electronics. Many of the students even began conversing with their new teachers and RAs in their target languages.


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