Adventures Galore, Field Trips and More!

The fun is continuing on here at Green Mountain College! After almost two and a half weeks, the students from the French, German, and Chinese Academies have really adapted to life here at MIL. It has been amazing to watch these communities come together and thrive here at Green Mountain College! 

Student Spotlight with Victor Dimitrov

Hello friends, family members, and followers of the MIL Summer Academy Green Mountain College blog! Today I'll be sharing the first of hopefully several interviews I'll be having with students about their experiences here. Today's converation was with Victor Dimitrov, a student in the French Academy here at Green Mountain College. Check back in tomorrow for some more updates from our programs! - Chris 

1. Victor, why were you interested in coming to MIL this year?

Top Ten Moments from Week Two!

And another amazing week here at Green Mountain College has come to an end! Although every moment here at our campus of the MIL Summer Academy is precious, I thought it would be interesting to really show off ten of the coolest things that happened in the past week! So without further ado (and in no particular order), here's the list! 

#10: Exploring Burlington

Field Day at SMC: More Photos and a Guest Post from RA Lilah!

The following is a guest post from Lilah Drafts-Johnson, one of our fabulous SMC Spanish RAs: 


A Field Day for the Books! Colchester 2017

Today was all about competition, spirit and passion. With both the St. Michael's and Green Mountain campuses united as one, students from all academies took part in a Field Day of Olympic proportions. Thanks to the efforts of Activities Coordinators Liam Frost (Green Mountain College) and Sierra Wilbar (St. Michael's College), this event not only an exciting event, but a unifying force for academies at both campuses! 

Meet Chris, Your GMC Social Media Intern

My name is Chris, and I am the Social Media Intern here at Green Mountain College this summer. For the past 12 days, I've been updating the blog here with updates from GMC, as well as our Facebook Page. Because I'll be hosting the Facebook Live Event at the MIL Academy Field Day tomorrow, I figured it would be a good time to introduce myself. It's nice to virtually meet all of you! 

Here's a little bit about myself: 

For the Love of Art!

It was another great day here at Green Mountain College today! The sky was clear, the squirrels were hopping, and students were once again excited for another fun day of language immersion! Although the academies again took part in their own activities today, one theme really helped to bond them together: artistic, aesthetic expression.

Culture Outside the Classroom: Evening Activities at GMC

Although the average focus of a student's day here at MIL is spent on classes and cultural exploration (CE) activities, there is a part of their day that is often understated. It varies quite a lot from day to day, but is often just as or even more exciting than class time. In addition, it often can be just as culturally immersive as scheduled CE activities. And this part of the day? The much-understated "evening activities".

Fourth of July Fun and Festivities!

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Although no two days are alike here at Green Mountain College, today will surely be a memorable day for the students here. Today, students from each academy and from all across the map came together to take part in celebrating not only American Independence, but something much larger: our interdependence, and togetherness across several languages. 

When Jeh Kulu Came to MIL

Monday, ah Monday. While this word is usually enough to make most people feel blue, that's never the case here at MIL. Today, after an amazing weekend, students rushed off back to classes, excited to practice what they know, and to learn even more!


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