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Today was the official end of the French, German, and Chinese programs here at GMC. To cap off four amazing weeks here, all academies took part in one final event: the Graduation Ceremony. 

As all academy students filtered into the auditorium, the emotion and sentiment in the air was palpable. While many students seemed excited to finally complete their Language Pledge, bittersweet notes were clear as well. After four long weeks, the moment was finally here! 

A Celebration of Culture: World Expo at GMC

One of the most exciting events of our academy here at Green Mountain College has now came and went! And of course, I'm talking about the MIL Academy World Expo. Today, students from the Chinese, French, and German academies here at Green Mountain College showed off what they've been learning in their cultural exploration classes! 

Top 5 Moments from Week Three!

Greetings from Green Mountain College! The fourth and final week of our program here is now well underway, with many fun activities planned for this week. Students now are conducting their STAMP language comprehension tests, preparing for tomorrow's world expo, and continuing to keep the Language Pledge while they're here! 

Hiking Highs and Alpine Slides: The German Academy's Trip to Bromley

Week Four is underway here at Green Mountain College! We're now at the final stretch of our time here, and all of the Academies are preparing for another round of final tests and the World Expo! 

BREAKING NEWS: Peace at Last!

After a lengthy "negotiation", peace has once again returned to Green Mountain College! 

The French Academy and German Academy exchanged "prisoners" to much fanfare at dinner today. After language heads Becky Kelley and Britta Roper shook on the deal, French RA Alexis rejoined the French Academy, and Karl was returned to the German Academy. The French Academy shouted cheers of "Alexis!" and "Allez les Bleus!" as Alexis sat down with some of the French students, and the Germans replied with their rallying cry of "Klein aber fein!"

Red Dawn: The Chinese Academy's Trip to Albany!

Cultural exploration, amazing food, and some good old fun in the sun! For the Chinese Academy, today's adventures in Albany really had it all! 

Today's adventure came right on the heels of another exciting event: yesterday's weekly dance! After a week of field trips and classes, the Chinese Academy students were extremely excited to have a chance to dance the night away. Check out some of the moments from last night on either our Facebook page, or in the Image Gallery! 

BREAKING NEWS: Have You Seen this Gnome?

Tonight is a sad time for the German Academy here at Green Mountain College. I have just received word that Karl der Kleine, the treasured mascot of the German Academy, has gone missing! 

Vive la Révolution!

Bleu, Blanc, Rouge! Happy Bastille Day, everyone! 

For those who didn't see the post to our Facebook Page this morning, the French Academy has been rocked by Revolution! The Ancien Régime has been overthrown, and the French Academy stands stronger than ever! 

Activity Spotlight: Chinese Academy Street Fairs!

After two days of intense field trips, students here at Green Mountain College were happy to just have a nice day on campus! And while they may have still been exhausted, they took back to their classes and studies with the same enthusiasm with which they had began them! 

The German Academy's Middlebury Adventure

Well, today was another busy day of field trips here at MIL! After watching the French and Chinese academies leave for field trips yesterday, the German Academy was definitely psyched for their own trip to Middlebury College today. The excitement in their eyes was palpable from the moment they boarded their buses (even though it was 9 AM in the morning)!


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