One Day More

Can you believe that today marks the last full day of the Academy, and of the Language Pledge®? An amazing transformation has taken place at Green Mountain College this summer and it’s difficult to believe that these are the same students who arrived on campus just few weeks ago. Students who arrived quiet and nervous can now be heard loudly chatting in their pledged language; they are noticeably more confident in their communication skills!

Mexican Murals: A Cultural Tradition

This week, students from the Spanish Academy at Green Mountain collectively finished a beautiful mural. For the past three weeks, the students have been working hard, and creatively, during their afternoon activities and free time to paint two murals. Even students who claimed they were not artistic picked up a brush and painted various portions of the mural to create a truly collective work!

An Afternoon to Remember

This afternoon, all of the Academy students on Green Mountain campus congregated together in Ackley Auditorium for World Expo, an afternoon of presentations, songs and dances which showcase what the students have learned throughout their time at the Academy. In addition to being educational, the performances were also exciting, engaging and fun. 

Vamos a la Playa!

Today, the Spanish Academy spent the afternoon taking part in a beach-themed event we named, “Vamos a la Playa”, or Let’s go to the Beach!” Students spent two hours outdoors on this beautiful and sunny day playing volleyball, dancing to Latin music, having a water balloon fight, playing water polo, and making their own guacamole and salsa dishes!

Magical Moments

Every night, I meet with my seventeen marvelous students to catch up on how they’re adjusting to the Academy and what they’ve been learning. During this time, we usually play an icebreaker, like el sombrero mágico, where each person writes down something good and something bad they have experienced that day and I read them out loud–anonymously, of course!–so the students will realize that their worries are not rare or abnormal.

Summertime and Livin’ Is Easy

As a local resident of the Green Mountain state, I might not have the most objective opinion, but I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a lovelier place to enjoy the summer sunshine than Vermont. Of course, it then naturally follows that some Vermont summer days are simply too beautiful to spend cooped up inside. Today was one of those days. Students, teachers, and staff at Green Mountain all agreed that it was too glorious a day to pass by without taking some time outside to soak up the sun.

Ticas Divas

So far, the students have really enjoyed the weekly dances at the Academy, and the young ladies love to show up in style. They say that it isn’t a party unless everyone is having fun. Days before the dance, the girls gather together to decide not only what to wear, but also whose room will be a designated preparation center where the girls will style their hair, paint their nails, apply makeup, and, of course, speak in good ole’ Spanish.

World Expo and Afternoon Fun

Class time at the Academy is quickly coming to an end. With tomorrow marking the end of the last full week of classes, the students are fast wrapping up their time here at the Academy. But that does not mean the fun is over! 

This afternoon, students could be found chatting together in groups around campus as they engaged in their free time activities. While a group of Arabic students wandered down to the soccer field for a match against the Germans, other students swam, read books and made friendship bracelets. 


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