Only Four Days Until the Academy Begins!

The sun is shining, the grass is green and the site office is already buzzing with the arrival of staff members. Teachers are settling into their rooms and preparing for June 22nd, when students will arrive and transform the quiet campus into a hub of language learning and cultural exploration. Program assistants are out and about setting up classrooms, offices and common areas for student and teacher use.

Some staff members are returning to a familiar place – Program Assistant Wyatt, reflecting on his past experience as a French student at MMLA, states:

Capture the Flag, Calligraphy, Yoga and More!

Even though learning and class time are a big part of the MMLA experience, there are other opportunities to learn language outside the classroom. Every day, we were given various activities that we could do after classes, ranging from drawing to sports to card games. Personally, these activities helped me learn the language that I might not have learned vocabulary in class that was specific to that activity. For example, when we played Capture the Flag, I had to learn some sports vocabulary pretty quickly.

While it’s still too far ahead for anyone to be packing for your fabulous summer at MMLA, here’s a few packing tips for whenever you start

Five things I Wish I Packed But Didn’t:

1) A FAN! As a girl in the South, I thought that the further North you go, the colder it gets. I was wrong. So very wrong. Vermont is HOT in the summer. I can only imagine what the other campuses are like! I had to write my mom to send me one halfway through the session.

2) A watch. Obviously. It’s important to get to class on time, and get up in the morning.

3) Rainboots. Essential in the rain. I didn’t really know so much about the weather where I was going, but I should have looked it up. It actually rained quite a lot.

Tips for New Students Who Are Living the Language Pledge

1. If you’re so adventurous as to pick a language you’ve never learned before (as myself, except I’m more crazy than adventurous), take ten minutes each day for a few weeks before you leave to familiarize yourself with the most basic things to say in the language. I knew NOTHING walking into MMLA. Literally. I couldn’t even say hello. On the first day, your teachers will give you some key phrases, but for the first few days, I was more lost than a polar bear at the South Pole. Don’t walk in blind. Prepare yourself a little. Learn from my mistakes.

Day One: Living in Language

Progress: (noun) advance or development toward a better, more complete, or more modern condition

(Also: the coolest part of my summer)

Okay. Here we go. Describing my first day in language.

Lifelong Friendships Formed at the Academy

“Friendship… is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” –Muhammad Ali

I read this quote when I came home from camp last summer, and my brain was like awww yes it’s so true!

If You’re Interested in Attending MMLA, Read This!

You’re probably reading all these blog posts and wondering to yourself, should I do this? The answer is yes. Here are a few reasons why.

What’s Better than Doing Something You Love with the People You Love?

I am a traveller. I’m constantly on Google Earth, looking up the most random places in the world and taking a virtual tour.

I am also a language-lover. Everyone is good at something. My something just happens to be languages. I want to combine my love for languages with my love for travelling to become an interpreter. There is just something about other cultures that is both alluring and captivating. I want to learn about every type of person, every type of culture. It’s like playing dress-up, but in a different way of life.


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