Communicating Is Key in the Spanish Academy

Corazon y Alma: Communicating is Key

Keeping Up with the Spanish Academy

The Spanish Academy started off Tuesday, the first full day since the signing of the Language Pledge on Monday evening, with a review of the daily schedule during Morning Assembly. This is vital considering all of us are still getting accustomed to a new routine. Afterwards, the students left for their first real day of classes!

Keeping Up with the German Academy

Today, during the hour dedicated to activities each afternoon, students from the German Academy participated in team-building games with other academies in a field day-like event called the Monkey Race. After dividing into three groups, they completed six different activities. Some of these activities, like the potato sack race and the bat spin, allowed students to compete directly against the other academies and to support one another by cheering. During other activities, such as stone-skipping or the human knot, students had to work together to solve a common problem.

Keeping Up with the Chinese Academy

Dajia Hao [En. Hello Everyone],

Day two of MMLA at Green Mountain College comes to a close in precisely t-minus 63 minutes, and I am simply thrilled to tell you that your students have made it through the first full day in their respective target languages! That is, as many of you can probably imagine, a great feat in itself. Each and every one of our students deserves a big congratulations!

Celebrating the Language Pledge

Monday was the first official day of the Academy at Green Mountain College. Each student, as well as language faculty and staff members, signed the Language Pledge, promising to speak only  in their language of study, Spanish, French, German or Chinese, at all times during the course of the program. Each student read the Language Pledge aloud and signed their name, marking their commitment to staying in their target language. Here are some first-hand accounts of the eventful first day:

Chinese Academy

Arrival Day at Green Mountain College

We could not have asked for better weather on the move in day for  MMLA at Green Mountain College. It was 80 degrees and sunny here in Poultney Vermont and the campus buzzed with activity.

Important Information for GMC Academy 2014

We want to ensure that your student receives the support and caring that he or she deserves while they experience this immersion learning opportunity. Accordingly, here is all the relevant information for contacting your students:


MMLA Program - Student Name

Conference and Event Planning/ MMLA

Green Mountain College

[Language Academy of Student]

3 Brennan Circle

Poultney, VT 05764



Jumping for Joy and Tasty Preparations

We are busy, but are eating well. You don’t have to take my word for it - it is almost arrival day!

Our dynamic staff is busy preparing for Sunday, when we can finally meet our 2014 Green Mountain MMLA students! We are excited for you to get here.

Driving Directions to Green Mountain College Academy!

Hello All,

Here are some directions to help you get to Green Mountain College.

Driving Directions:

Physical Address of College/University (for GPS):

3 Brennan Circle

Poultney, VT 05764


I-89 South to Burlington, Vermont.

Take exit 13 for Route 7 South.

Turn right onto Route 22A in Vergennes.

Follow through Fair Haven.

Turn left at Poultney sign.

At red blinking light bear right and proceed to GMC.

Eastern PA/NJ/Albany:


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