The Team at the Heart of MMLA

Gabriel is the Dorm Head for the Spanish Academy. He’s been with MMLA since 2009, working his first two summers at Bard College at Simon’s Rock sites and the last three at Swarthmore College. A native Spanish speaker, Gabriel grew up in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He received his MA from The New School for Social Research in 2012 and currently works as a Residence Director at Bard College at Simon’s Rock. Gabriel is leading a team of five  Resident Assistants at Bogue Hall. 

-Gabriel, Spanish Academy Dorm Head
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Celebrating a Successful First Week in Language

Today started with a voyage en ville with my living group. The town was full of different languages and different colored pochettes. After exhausting all of Poultney’s local businesses, as well as Shaw’s and Dunkin’ Donuts bien sûr, we headed back to campus where we had a casual pique-nique with the various snacks we purchased in town.  

The afternoon was full of free time, which called for some frisbee and trips to lapiscine to cool off. When the students least expected it, a water balloon fight was initiated by l’Académie allemande.

Getting Creative With Culture

Just as a reminder, be sure to check out and bookmark the important information post for our office mailing address and contact information.

The Team at the Heart of MMLA

I am thrilled to be a part of the Language Academy program for my first time this year! As the Assistant Director of Residential Life, my goal is to help keep our students happy and healthy during the program.

Rain Doesn’t Dampen the French Academy’s Spirits

Torrential rain certainly didn’t damper today’s activities for the French Academy. After a very animated morning assembly, the students set off for class. For the activities, some students accommodated the weather by playing a competitive game of indoor soccer against the Chinese Academy, while others opted for a hip hop class, simply relaxing or playing ping pong. Despite the rain, today’s schedule was bursting with activity and fun, all while respecting the language immersion process. It was a great day in the French Academy!

-Alexandra, French RA

German Academy Making Progress

Today in the “Deutsche Akademie,” it was great to see friendships that have been created through the language immersion experience blooming. Even more encouraging was the astounding increase in language ability and survival skills of our complete beginners, who can all communicate in complete sentences now. They are even starting to partake in conversations at dinner! Today, the Fußball game against the Spanish academy was sadly rained out, so instead the students made academy t-shirt designs, one of which will be chosen as the best on Friday.

Fun-Filled Day for Chinese Academy

Today marks the second full day since students signed the Language Pledge®. Although the shock of not being able to speak a word of English has long passed, the challenges of communicating in a foreign language are visible. However, there is always help available from our wonderful teachers, dorm heads, residential assistants and staff who work around the clock to make sure that every student has access to all of the resources and support that they need.

Communicating Is Key in the Spanish Academy

Corazon y Alma: Communicating is Key


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