UPDATE: Power is Back!

Great news!  Full power was restored to the Green Mountain campus early this morning.  Students and staff have just enjoyed a hot breakfast in the dining hall and are currently returning to their dorms.  I’ve even heard that students performed a rousing hummed rendition of the Star Spangled Banner over their meal this morning.

Updated Calling Home Times for July 4th

All students at Green Mountain will have time today in which to call home.  The schedule for calling home times for today, July 4th, is as follows:

12:00 - 12:30 PM:  French and German Academies

1:30 - 2:00 PM:  Chinese and Spanish Academies

Students will also have additional free time in the dorms in which to rest after last night’s events.  
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Power Outage at Green Mountain College Campus

Early this evening, at approximately 6:00 pm, a strong storm passed through Poultney, Vermont and the Green Mountain College campus.  Many trees were knocked down, along with power lines. The College did lose power, and as of 9:30 pm this evening, it has not yet been restored. 

Max’s Manifesto

We are well into week two here at MMLA Green Mountain College, and I want to tell all of you how proud I am of all the students, especially those in the Chinese Academy.

I’m not particularly interested in comparing the study of Chinese with other languages, but as one of the RAs here at the Chinese Academy, and an avid Chinese language learner myself, I find it all too necessary to tell you why studying Chinese is indeed the most difficult route when it comes to foreign language studies.

German’s Alpine Adventures in the Green Mountain State

Today, the German Academy enjoyed spending the entire afternoon at the Bromley Ski Resort for an Ausflug. There, students were able to ride the Rodelbahn, or Alpine Coaster. They also played mini-golf and rode the other cool attractions, such as the large swing and the bungee trampoline.

The Team at the Heart of MMLA

This is my first year with MMLA and I am excited to be the German Dorm Head here at GMC. A little about me…I was born and raised in the Washington D.C.area, but also lived two years abroad with my family, first in Göttingen, Germany and then in Munich, Germany. My passion for the German language led me to Western Austria, where I currently teach English. When not in the classroom, you can find me exploring the mountains in my new Austrian backyard.

Dancing Up Storms ñ More!

During activity time, some of our Spanish students took up the art of bordadosembroidery. Embroidery is a huge part of the art and craft culture in many Latin American countries, especially in the household. August, who told us about his interest in sewing and embroidery a couple days into the program, led this activity. We used bright orange handkerchiefs to proudly represent our Academy’s color. August and I helped other students go through the painstaking task of threading a needle. We then embroidered an “ñ” on the bottom right-hand corner of each handkerchief.

The Team at the Heart of MMLA

Originally from Canton, Ohio, our Chinese Dorm Head Joseph has recently graduated from Reed College where he studied Chinese literature and language. This fall, he will enroll as a graduate student in the Chinese literature department at National Taiwan University. Joseph discovered his love for the Chinese language at the age of sixteen as a one-year Rotary exchange student in Taipei. Since then, he has returned to Taiwan numerous times as a translator, teacher and student.

Dumplings, Quesadillas and More!

Today was dumpling day for the Chinese Academy! Instead of the usual Cultural Exploration class, students had the opportunity to learn how to make authentic Chinese dumplings from their tai chi teacher. As a group, we all learned how to make the dough, chop and mix the fillings (today we had meat and vegetarian dumpling options), fill the dumplings and how to steam them. But the best part was at the end when we got to enjoy the fruits of our labor and eat all the dumplings - all 1,800 of them!


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