What I’m looking Forward to This Summer

Summer… a time where I get to lay out in the sun, not do any homework (at least for a little while), and hang out with my friends.
My friends think I’m insane for going to camp… A time where I have to use my brain for another four weeks? And go to class? And have to be awake before noon? They think I’m crazy. I don’t see it as crazy. In fact, I’m really ridiculously thrilled!

Klein aber fein! The German Academy Takes the Win at Field Day

After a restful 4th of July, the competitive spirits of each Academy came out for today’s Field Day. The event followed the morning Cultural Exploration classes, which involved cooking and a water balloon toss among other culturally rich activities. Just before lunch, the students dressed in their Academy shirts and beautified themselves with face-painted country flags, Academy catchphrases and those intimidating football streaks under their eyes. Well-nourished and fired up, the Academies filed into the basketball gym at Waldron Athletic Center with deafening cheers.

UPDATE - Chinese Call Home Time Change

Dear parents and guardians of our Chinese Academy students,

In order to ensure that the upcoming field trip the Academy is taking on Tuesday will be as packed with as much target-language content as possible, we are moving the Chinese Academy call home time from this Tuesday (7/8) to Wednesday (7/9) 4:45-5:30pm EST.

Ending MMLA in Style (with Soccer-of Course!)

All good things must come to an end. Although that end has not yet arrived, I can already feel a change. The students are getting excited for graduation, the final dance, receiving their cell phones and returning home, but they are also saddened by the prospect of leaving their new friends and teachers at MMLA.

Soccer on all sides!

UPDATE: Our internet is back! Hooray! Now on to the Academies…

Spanish Academy

Aux Armes, Citoyens!

Joyeux quatorze juillet! Happy Bastille Day! The day started off with a revolutionary morning assembly. Language Director Marty and Assistant Language Director Alysse, lavishly dressed as Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, made a dramatic entrance with their trusty servant and bishop by their side. After le roi etla reine sent students to the “Bastille” for not paying their taxes, les citoyensjoined together to storm the Bastille and sing La Marseillaise.

GMC Internet Access

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Best wishes as we enter the last week of programming! Your students never cease to amaze me, and in my four years of work at MMLA this year’s World Expo was without a doubt the most spellbinding. We are all very excited to celebrate your students’ accomplishments this coming week as we wind down the program and begin to reflect on the last few busy weeks.

World Expo!



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