Beijing - Students Write! Hear from Chris, Emily, Max, and Patrick

Today marked the third full day of full immersion of the 2017 MIL Beijing program.

Students busily prepared for their weekly presentations as the daily activities were postponed due to poor weather conditions. Classes prepared anything from skits, to songs, to informational presentations, giving many the opportunities to learn about what was going on in their peers’ classes.

While the weather of late has been less than great, it hasn’t stopped us from having a great time in China.

- Chris

Beijing - Students Write! Hear from Chloe, Gunnar, Isaac, Nicholas, and Timo

This afternoon we took the Chinese subway to the Capital Museum. This trip truly allowed us to apply all the words and sentence structures we learned in class to real life scenarios, as well as learn much more in the process.

This included pertinent vocabulary we learned while navigating through the busy stations and trains and the Chinese people we interacted with at the museum. When we returned to the University after this activity, we were given money to go and independently order food wherever we wanted to.

Beijing - Students Write! Hear from Brian, Brett, Ethan, James, and Rachel

Today was the first day after signing the language pledge. Wow, what a day! 

Greetings from Beijing!

Greetings from Beijing! Students have all arrived here safely, and after a long flight students took the rest of the night Sunday to settle in and get some rest.


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