Granada: It's not an "adios", it's an "hasta luego"...

What a perfect, bittersweet last day in Granada. We started off the morning with our last assembly, filled with a fun game, an impromptu water fight, and, of course, dancing. Then students had their last day of classes. Many went out for ice cream, churros, or tea with their professors, and before lunch all of the classes attended an informational flamenco workshop! In the afternoon we had time to pack up and get ready for the evening's festivities. To kick off the night, we had our final ceremony.

Granada: Last Few Days in Spain

Tuesday morning the remaining two classes took their STAMP exam, and to relax and unwind in the afternoon we went to the pool. Laura's residential group visited an awesome jazz cafe called Bohemia, and some of the boys decided to go shopping in the city. On Wednesday morning the student council had their last meeting with the directors, and after lunch the students went out for their last small-group excursions into the city. Many, as usual, indulged in a sweet ice cream treat.

Granada: Lip Dub Video and Bailes Latinos

On Monday four of the six Spanish classes took the STAMP exam to evaluate the progress that they have made during the program. During the last class block Celia’s students interviewed the Spanish students about certain Spanish holidays and customs. After lunch the students went out in small groups to walk around the city, going shopping and grabbing a bite to eat, and after dinner we filmed our lip dub video. We spent the evening playing frisbee, soccer, volleyball, football, guitar, and ukulele on the patio, and tonight we had our final salsa class.

Granada: Trip to Malaga and Other Weekend Festivities

We had a wonderful, fun-filled weekend with the Granada group. On Saturday, we took a day trip down to the coastal town of Malaga! In the morning the groups went on walks around the city, visiting the cathedral, some Roman ruins, and the market, then the students had free time to explore, go shopping, and grab a bite to eat. Afterwards a small group of students chose to go to the Picasso Museum in the city for a few hours (Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga!) where they saw an excellent Andy Warhol exhibit, and the rest of the group spent the afternoon on the beach.

Granada: Academic Assembly and Open Mic Night

On Friday the students had an academic assembly. Each class presented something in relation to this week's theme of culinary exploration, and the results were excellent. Pilar’s class acted out a Master Chef skit, Antonio’s class did a tapas trivia, and Celia’s class read food-inspired poems. After lunch the students were able to go out in small groups to explore the city, and Friday evening was our open mic night! We had a number of talented acts, including Francis on the guitar, a song from Reed, and a unique performance from Lucas’s residential group.

Granada: Science Museum and Volunteering Excursions

On Thursday, instead of our normal lessons, the classes went on field trips! Half of the classes visited a former assisted living that is now being converted into a community center for immigrants to help clean and reform the building. The other half of the classes went to the Science Museum, where they saw the human body exhibit, the butterfly garden, and a presentation on birds of prey-the owls, falcons, eagles, and even vultures were fascinating. In the afternoon, the students participated in a variety of workshops-juggling, belly dancing, ceramics, rap, and indie tour of the city.

Granada: Wednesday at the Pool

On Wednesday morning we started out bright and early with a Zumba class, Crossfit, or a run through Sacromonte. After lunch we went to the pool! Some students stayed back to walk around the city but most took advantage of the beautiful sunny day that we had here to go swimming and, of course, have some ice cream and pizza. After dinner time the had the opportunity to call home and check in with friends and family, then everyone headed to bed to rest up for tomorrow´s field trips.

Granada: Exploring the City and Bailes Latinos

In Tuesday morning´s assembly the students played a fun, food-related pictionary game on the patio. As the theme of the week is culinary exploration, Pilar’s class ventured down to Mercado San Agustin to explore prices of foods and speak with locals. After lunch, some students attended grammar/pronunciation workshops or the intercambio hour, and afterwords the students went out to explore the city in small groups. In the evening many students watched France play Belgium in the World Cup semi-final, and at night we had another bailes latinos class-salsa!

Granada: Talleres and Dinner in the City

The students started off the week with some intense competition during the morning assembly game, and their Monday was off to a fun start! In the afternoon the Granada group participated in a variety of workshops, such as a cooking class, hennah, improv, graffiti, a street-art tour, and even a Crossfit class! Later on in the evening, they went out to dinner with their residential groups. Some enjoyed delicious Mexican food, others Italian classics, and many, of course, typical Spanish tapas.

Granada: Alhambra, Bread-Making, and Hiking (Special Student Interview Edition)

We have a special edition of the blog from this past interview with one of our students, Kennedy Smith! Kennedy participated in the MIL Summer Language Academy in Granada last summer, and she enjoyed it so much that she decided to return for another year. Here is a student's perspective of the weekend's activities, and some of the photos in the link below (the ones with the date in the bottom right corner) were taken by Kennedy as well!


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