Bastille Day Eve

It’s Bastille Day Eve for the students of the French Academy here at St. Michael’s. And, without a doubt, there is excitement in the air.

As of right now, the students and teachers of the French Academy are scheming about and planning ways of how they can make their mark on Bastille Day....stay tuned and check back tomorrow to hear about how they glorified their celebration of France’s National Day! Vive la France! 

An update from the Head French RA!

Here's an overview of what happened today, as said by Hannah, the Head French RA: 

The Recovery Day

After yesterday's excitement, everyone was due for a quiet, peaceful day. And that's exactly what they got today. 

Here's a recap of today's events, as said by the French Academy's Head RE, Hannah: 

Colchester 2016: Field Days

"Holding an Olympic Games means evoking history."  - Pierre de Coubertin

Today, history was evoked on St. Michael’s campus.

All thanks to Brenna Rice—our Activities Coordinator at St. Michael’s—this year’s Field Day games were not only an incredible success, but also a huge standout and unifying event for all five of Middlebury Interactive’s Summer Language Academies!

A Culinary Quest in Québec! (Updated w/pictures)

Today, students walked into several restaurants, cafés, food stores and more to ask questions and fill out a fun fact-filled sheet.  

The weekend is here!

It’s Saturday! And you know what that!

After a full week of classes, students earned a well-deserved day of rest, in which they had the chance to catch up on sleep and relax with their friends.

Although there were no classes being held today, there were still several activities going on around the campus. Here is a brief overview of some of them:

Thursday with l'Académie Française

Today, students had their typical class schedule—however, the classes themselves were anything but typical. Ranging from tie-dying t-shirts to creating mini sculptures, today’s classes were engaging, interactive and distinctly fun!

Here’s a list of what went on in today’s classes:

Student Interviews...from the French Academy!

Today, two students from the French Academy shared their thoughts on living immersed in language at the Academy. Read their responses below for a firsthand glimpse into Academy life:


L' Académie française aujourd'hui!

Today, students resumed their typical schedules—classes, meals, exploration courses and afternoon activities.

Although, today wasn’t completely normal, for the RE-led afternoon activities included two new occurrences: pool time and a trip to downtown Burlington! In including these, the REs are making sure that the activities don't get too monotonous for the students.

Students at the pool had the chance to cool off in the water for about an hour—or, in some cases, get a bit of lap-swimming in for exercise.

The Fourth of July...from Québec!

Yesterday, students were given an important task. They were responsible to purchase appetizers and desserts for dinner. Several groups of students swarmed the local supermarket with a limited amount of money, and their maths to get enough food for all of us. Naturally, comfort food made its appearance: Oreos and the sort but they also brought fresh strawberries that are native of Québec, and fruit salad.


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