Photos from l'Observatoire!

Here are some photos we took from our trip to l'observatoire. What a great day!

Food week in Québéc!

This week will undoubtedly be everybody’s favorite: it’s food week!!!!! After their food shopping for the 4th of July dinner yesterday, students went to an open market today. A questionnaire in hand, students asked merchants questions in French while discovering Québécois delicacies. To name a few, our lucky students had French crêpes with maple syrup, bio sausages, ice cream dipped in chocolate... It was a tasty afternoon.

Lunch in Québéc

At lunch today, other educators were celebrating Québécois culture with music. While their students were quiet, MIL students took over with enthusiasm.

In the Classroom

How can you perform the best CPR? By following the Beatles’ song, obladi oblada, in rhythm. One day, this week, we talked about health so, it was à propos to discuss saving lives and tools taught by CPR trainers. The use of music is one of them—here are some photos from that day!


The Long Weekend Continues

On this immaculate Sunday, students from both Academies enjoyed their second day off, which is only two thirds of their weekend, since there are no classes tomorrow—both Academies embark on field trips for the day in lieu of a full day of classes!

Today, students were granted the choice—just like yesterday—to sleep in, if they wanted. Many students took advantage of this, catching up on some much-needed summer hibernation sleep.

Clubs in Québec!

We have an amazingly energetic team of educators, leading students in original club activities. There are for clubs available to students, weekly:

Finally, Saturday!

After a busy week, students—from both Academies—enjoyed a relaxing Saturday, in which there were no obligations or assignments that called for their intellectual exertion.

Most students took their time in the morning, leisurely getting dressed and making their way outside. Others, however, made the most of the morning, waking up early for runs and other forms of exercise, while the weather is still cool.

College Day: A trip to Middlebury!

Today, students from the French Academy boarded the buses and made the trek all the way to Middlebury, Vermont for a tour of Middlebury College!

Leaving promptly at 7 A.M., students and teachers enjoyed a day in which they were exposed to some new scenery and branch out beyond the typical sights of St. Michael’s College.

As for the students: today gave them a chance to explore the possibility of continuing their education at Middlebury and familiarize themselves with the college’s campus!

Bastille Day!

Allez les Bleus! It’s Bastille Day!

For those who didn’t see the “BREAKING NEWS” post from earlier this morning, the French Academy emerged victorious in attempt to reassert their Academy-strength.

In a well-executed plot to kidnap and capture the Chinese Academy’s Language Director French Academy students and staff personified their French pride. During the Chinese Academy’s morning assembly, students and staff from the French Academy stormed their building, shouting war cries, such as: “Allez les Bleus!”



Just now, during the Chinese Academy’s morning assembly, Chinese Language Director—Tong Chen— was the French Academy!!

To celebrate Bastille Day, students and staff from the French Academy stormed the Chinese Academy’s morning assembly with purpose, pride and power—Vive la France!


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