Dance, Dance and more Dancing: Prepping for the World Expo

Cultural exploration classes are meant to broaden students’ perspectives on a certain culture, and for today, students learned about the two different sides to China’s current culture. In Ding Laoshi’s class today, students decorated paper lanterns with calligraphy. An ancient practice of sending wishes to the heaven’s, students got the opportunity to personalize their lanterns with characters that represent them, such as their names, their zodiac animals, words that represent them and their own wishes.

Chinese Acdemy

Today we had our annual field day.  This included soccer, frisbee, tug-of-war, synchronized swimming, various races, and lots of dancing.  The day started with all three academies meeting for an opening ceremony.  Here, all three academies were given time to show off chants and dances they have learned over the past two weeks.  The Chinese academy without question had the most energy and the best dances.  After the opening ceremony, we transitioned to soccer, frisbee, and many other field activities.  The field activities included many races and events that ene

Chinese Cultural Exploration!

Every day, each academy participates in a cultural exploration class. Culture and language go hand in hand, so this class is integral to understanding. This week, students could choose between San Guo Sha (a Chinese card game), puppet shows and pop music in Chinese.

The Chinese Academy Is Still Going Strong!

As we kicked off the third week of the Academy, students’ classes focused on how to express more complex self-introductions, and how to talk about their families and hometowns. Today’s afternoon activities included a photography challenge, frisbee golf, pool games and my personal favorite, a yoga class all in Chinese (which I got to lead!)! The day ended with a recommitment ceremony (delayed one day because of yesterday’s Field Day), with some awards given out as well! Here’s to another week of Language Pledge® commitment!

-Becca Levy, Chinese RA

Another Fun-filled Saturday!

The Chinese academy’s second Saturday was filled with fun events - all in target language, of course! In the morning, students attended Cultural Exploration classes as usual, followed by several outdoor all-academy activities, including ice cream making (好吃! - delicious!), and a charades activity in which students re-enacted a traditional Chinese dragon, the Great Wall, and more. After dinner, the whole academy joined together once again for an outdoor beach party, where everyone enjoyed music, watermelon, inflatable swimming pools, beach ball games, and even a slip ‘n slide!

Movie Posters and More: Chinese Academy

You’ve seen the posts about the Chinese Academy’s recent filmmaking spree. Steven Spielberg would be proud of these kids. Now take a moment to check out the accompanying posters to these flicks! Soon we’ll be finding out who gets to take home the different “Academy Awards” for these wonderful short films.
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A Trip to China

The culinary and geographic themes continued as Ding LaoShi’s students worked on a similar project, offering directions and exploring food and its relationship to culture. These students took on the challenge of describing delicacies throughout all of China in all its diverse glory. They even tried their hand at filmmaking, creating films representing an American’s immersion in Chinese life, highlighting differences in tradition and culture.

-Nick Anderson, Program Assistant
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Celebrating the 4th of July - In Chinese!

After the storms of the past few days, we had surprisingly wonderful weather. In fact, it was a little bit on the chilly side!

Today we had classes just as we do everyday, but the afternoon was filled with a lot of special activities. Today students learned how to make Kung Pao Chicken in the cooking cultural elective class. Later, there was a flag football game. Students also learned how to play Majiang. 

And the Academy Award Goes To…

This week, one of the cultural exploration activities is the filmmaking. Students are divided into four groups and responsible for directing their own movies. In today’s blog post, I would like to give you a sneak peek of the Chinese Academy’s movies!

The first one is based on a hit movie, “The Hunger Games.” This group of students is very concerned about giving out too much detail about their story, so they only mentioned that everyone will fight with each other and there will only be one winner.

Chinese Puppets and Noodles

Chinese cuisine is widely different in all parts of China, with different variations of taste and flavor for common ingredients. For today’s cultural exploration class, Ni Laoshi’s class learned about Xi Hongshi Ji Dan Mian (Noodles with Tomatoes and Eggs) and Cold Noodles. After tasting the noodles, the students got cool popsicles to balance out the heat. That afternoon, students, RAs, and teachers alike saw a performance from puppeteer, Zhang Laoshi. Zhang Laoshi gave students an exquisite look at both Chinese and Western story telling with the use of puppets. 


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