The Red Shirt Takeover

Today, there was a red shirt takeover down in Middlebury, Vermont!

The Chinese Academy—in one large exodus—swarmed into the small town of Middlebury, where they had the chance to check out the school and get a taste for the local culture of the small town.

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The Long Weekend Continues

On this immaculate Sunday, students from both Academies enjoyed their second day off, which is only two thirds of their weekend, since there are no classes tomorrow—both Academies embark on field trips for the day in lieu of a full day of classes!

Today, students were granted the choice—just like yesterday—to sleep in, if they wanted. Many students took advantage of this, catching up on some much-needed summer hibernation sleep.

Finally, Saturday!

After a busy week, students—from both Academies—enjoyed a relaxing Saturday, in which there were no obligations or assignments that called for their intellectual exertion.

Most students took their time in the morning, leisurely getting dressed and making their way outside. Others, however, made the most of the morning, waking up early for runs and other forms of exercise, while the weather is still cool.

Friday: The Capstone of the Week

At last, it’s Friday: the third school week has come to a close.

In an eventful Friday, students from the Chinese Academy were busily packed from the morning to evening with classes, activities and a guest speaker presentation—what a day!

In classes, today, students continued on from what they did yesterday, building and strengthening their vocabulary to new heights. Here’s an overview of what went on in some of the classes:

Tong Chen: Captured???

This morning, the Chinese Academy was ambushed: Tong Chen—the Academy’s Language Director—was kidnapped and captured by the French Academy!

For those who didn’t see the “BREAKING NEWS” post, the French Academy ambushed and surprised everyone when they captured Tong Chen in the middle of the Chinese Academy’s morning assembly.

It was—in every sense—a defeat on the side of the Chinese Academy. The French now have the upper hand!

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At the beginning of the month long program, all of the students are required to fill out and sign a number of different forms, promising to accept and abide by the MMLA ‘s rules and regulations. One of the documents is the language pledge.


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