Language Academy

Summer Language Immersion Camp for Your Teen

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Language Academy

It's no secret that learning another language is challenging. It takes time, practice, hours of stumbling over new words, and sometimes learning a completely new alphabet.

If your child is interested in making impressive language gains over the course of just one summer, then Middlebury Interactive Languages™ Summer Academy is the right place for them.

Founded in 2008, our goal has been to support teenagers embarking on their language learning journey by providing a safe learning environment.

Our four-week residential summer camp is modeled after pedagogy developed by the famed Middlebury College’s Language Schools which gives students the unique opportunity to live immersed in a language and culture bubble over the summer.

So what separates our language camp from others? It's the group commitment to the Language Pledge®—a pledge that all students make to stay in language for four weeks. It will be difficult. Mistakes will be made. But everyone around your child will be in the same boat, learning a language by being in language 24/7. This network of support is what helps students soar.

Our students are some of the most committed language learners in the world. Summer after summer they continue to impress us with their drive to learn their target language. These students are what makes our program so successful.

We hope that your child will join the nearly 10,000 students who have trusted us to support them on their language learning journey. Hear from some of those students by watching the video below.

  • We accept rising 8th grade students to just graduated 12th grade students.
  • Students choose to study either Spanish, French, Chinese, or Arabic.
  • We offer a life-changing experience for students on a college campus in Vermont.
  • Students will come out of the experience with improved language skills and lifelong friends.