Nantes Study Abroad

Study Abroad in Nantes, France

Learn French at our summer immersion program for rising 9th-12th grade students in Nantes, France.

Do you dream about traveling to France and exploring the rich and vibrant country first hand? Our study abroad Language Academy for teens can take you there! High school students will have the opportunity to live immersed in the French language and culture of Nantes during a unique four week French study abroad experience in the summer.

Accelerate your French language skills while living and studying in Nantes, located in western France on the Loire River. Known as the Venice of the West because of its position on the river delta of Loire, the Erdre, and the Sèvre rivers, Nantes is a beautiful city full of architectural wonders and incredible cuisine. In Nantes you'll discover new ways of thinking and make connections with new people and culture that will last the rest of your life.

The French Academy in Nantes is open to rising 9th-12th grade students with at least one year of French language experience (rising 9th graders must have at least two years middle school French language experience). The French Academy is run in collaboration with IES Abroad, a leader in study abroad experiences for college students with over 60 years of experience.