Housing & Facilities in Salamanca

Want to learn first-hand what life is like in Spain? Live with a local host family in Salamanca and experience authentic Spanish culture.

At the Academy in Salamanca, students will live with local families and take their classes at the Colegio Maestro Ávila, a private primary and secondary school located near the center of town.

Host Families

All host families have been carefully vetted and have previously hosted American students with our partner, IES Abroad. Two students will be assigned to each host family where they will have either a shared or single bedroom, and shared bathroom facilities. Students will share three meals a day with their host(s). Each homestay is located within a 10-20 minute walk of Colegio Maestro Ávila. When it's time for class, students will walk in small groups to the school. RAs will supervise the commute to and from school. Family assignments are based on student preferences such academic interests, sports played, hobbies, and dietary needs. To learn even more about the role host families play in the program, check out: Daily Schedule in Salamanca

Facilities at Colegio Maestro Ávila

All classes and activities are held at the Colegio Maestro Ávila and led by Middlebury Interactive teachers and staff. Check out pictures of some of the facilities:

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Outside the courtyard, a common place for Afternoon Activities
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A soccer court where students often gather to play pick-up games
3 / 7
Inside one of the classrooms used by the Academy
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The assembly hall where students will meet for morning gatherings and other events
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Just outside of campus, part of students' everyday commute
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A view of the city from one of the classroom buildings
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Outside the main entrance to the Colegio Maestro Ávila