Field Trips & Excursions in Salamanca

Discover Salamanca & Spain with Middlebury Interactive Languages

It would be a shame to come to Spain and not see the most distinguishing cultural aspects and renowned sites. That’s why we organize trips for students throughout the week and on every weekend.

Field Trips & Excursions

As part of the program, students will participate in day trips each weekend to some of the major sites near Salamanca. In 2017, we’ll be traveling to:

  • Madrid, Spain’s capital. We’ll take a walking tour of the city, picnic at Retiro park, tour Prado Art Museum, and explore the shops and scenery.
  • Lake Sanabria, the largest, natural freshwater lake in Spain. It’s renowned for the scenery of the mountains that encase it. There students will have the opportunity to take a short hike, swim, picnic on the beach, and even visit a local wolf preserve.
  • Either Segovia & Ávila or Atapuerca, depending upon the discretion of the program. Both destinations are famous for the history that surrounds them. Segovia & Ávila are two cities that still preserve the medieval walls that once protected them. Atapuerca is home to an archaeological site containing fossil record of the earliest human beings in Europe.

Traveling with Your Host Family

Every Sunday, students will have time set aside to explore the city with their host family. Where you go is decided by you and your hosts!


Throughout the program, students will also have the opportunity to go on excursions with their teachers and RAs within Salamanca. Throughout the program, students will have opportunities to:

  • Participate in Salamanca’s Legends and Mysteries tour, a walking tour of the historical center of town focusing on the legends, stories, and mysteries of Salamanca
  • Tour the historic Cathedral Towers of Salamanca and learn the history of the buildings as well as witness one of the best views of the city.
  • Attend a handful of local festivals and performances.