Granada Academy Students

Curriculum & Classes in Granada

Learn more about what a typical day of classes looks like while studying abroad at the Academy in Granada

While the teaching methodology and belief in immersion learning is consistent across all Academies, the curriculum in Granada is designed to help students immerse themselves in the local surroundings and quickly adapt to their new environment.

Curriculum Design

Each week at the Academy, regardless of language level, students will focus on a particular theme that directly relates to Granada and Spain. Themes and daily lessons are adapted for each class level, and weekly projects help students demonstrate their mastery of the content.

Upon completion of each theme, students will be required to give a presentation or enact a skit demonstrating what they have learned.

The weekly themes are designed to introduce students to Granada, Spain, and the local history and culture -- all in language! This year’s weekly themes are:

  • Week 1: Getting to Know the School (Ave María Casa Madre) and the City of Granada
  • Week 2: History and Culture of Granada
  • Week 3: Spanish Economy and Tourism
  • Week 4: Spanish Cuisine

Authentic Interaction

As a part of class time each day, teachers will bring students to different sites throughout Granada to interact with native speakers. To develop an authentic understanding of the local economy, for example, students might visit local businesses to interview the owners.

In Granada , the city is your classroom!

Throughout the program students will also have opportunities to attend presentations and performances by local experts. Students may hear about the history and influence of Moor rule in Granada or learn to dance the Flamenco, each event aiming to enrich students’ understanding of Granada and Spain.  

Levels & Placement

Students will be required to take an online proficiency test prior to arriving in Granada. Based on these results, students will be placed appropriately in one of four levels. Each level will focus on the same weekly theme, but the difficulty of content will be adapted to students’ level of proficiency.