Residential Advisors at the Language Academy

Who Are the RAs?

Learn more about the support network for students outside of the classroom setting.

Residential Advisors (RAs) at the Academy live with students in the dorms, while also overseeing cultural exploration activities, free time and student interest clubs. For every 15 students at the Academy, there is one RA of the same gender who is charged with helping students make the most of their language immersion experience outside of the classroom setting.

RAs at the Academy come from a variety of backgrounds, but all have one thing in common—fluency in a second language. Most RAs are college students or young professionals who are also passionate about language learning and cultural exploration. Many have studied or lived abroad to accelerate their language proficiency, and some RAs have even attended the language Academy in the past.

RAs are trained to support students in every aspect of daily life at the Academy, from ensuring students are on time for their daily activities to helping resolve potential conflicts with roommates to acting as a confidant for a student who might be homesick. RAs also provide ongoing reinforcement of the importance of the Language Pledge®.