Marguerite, French Academy Student

For Marguerite, the Academy helped her improve her French and prepare for study abroad in France.

“Well, my sister actually came here four years ago and my parents encouraged me to come here. I really wanted to improve my French and feel more natural speaking French.

“The first day was really challenging. It felt weird speaking French, and I was having trouble expressing myself or things that I wanted, but right now I feel like I can completely express myself in my target language.

“The immersion experience is definitely really challenging, but it's definitely gotten a lot easier for me. In the beginning, I was really lost, and I was having trouble understanding. But now, I feel like I've improved a lot, and I feel more natural speaking French. And I can definitely understand when my teacher is talking to me.

“I think it's really important to learn a second language, because it helps you with communicating with people from other countries.

“I wanted to improve my French, and I think it's important to be in a college setting, because it kind of prepares you for when you go to college. But it's been really fun living here and making new friends with people in the dorm.

“I definitely want to do an exchange year before I go to college. I really want to go to France next summer, because I have a pen pal who lives in France, and I want to go and visit her.”