John, Chinese Academy Student

For John, the Language Pledge, was a very big part of his progress in learning Chinese.

“I came to the Academy to improve my Chinese, and I feel that goal has been achieved over the course of the past three weeks. I chose to come here mainly because I wanted to be in an environment with other American students who wanted to be in an immersion environment. So that whole atmosphere of everyone wanting to learn and being dedicated to learning Chinese was very attractive to me.

“The Language Pledge, for me, was a very big part of my progress. When you’re only speaking that language, and you have no other option, you start subconsciously thinking that language and you don’t even realize it. And that’s a very big part of learning in the sense that when you start to think in that language, there’s some things you can’t express in that language. And that causes you to, you know, look the word up, and just get into it. And you really start to think in it and dream in it. It’s amazing.

“The Academy has taught me not just words, or vocabulary, but they’ve really tried to teach me ways of learning. And I feel like using the resources available to me, I think I can make a lot of progress.”