Late Arrivals

Late Arrivals

Here's what you need to know about joining us at the Academy after Arrival Day.

For a number of reasons, whether extra snow days, final exams or family trips, we understand that some students will need to join the Academy a few days after Arrival Day. Although a late arrival is not ideal, we do believe that any amount of immersive language learning is better than none at all!

Typically, the Academy will accept students arriving up to four days late for a U.S.-based program and a day late for study abroad programs. We can, however, make exceptions to this rule on a case-by-case basis. Should you need to arrive past these arrival deadlines, please contact our team at with further details; our team will be in touch to see if your late arrival will be a possibility.

Although our staff will do everything possible to help students quickly assimilate into the Academy community, including giving students a campus tour and an overview of cultural activities and clubs, there are a few things to note about arriving at language camp late:

  • You will likely miss our pre-assessment test, which takes place the second day on campus. Don't worry though. We can use your self-reported years of language experience and results from a self-evaluation to place you in a classroom among students of comparable language skills.
  • Upon arrival on campus, you will need to quickly jump into the immersion experience, abiding by the Language Pledge®. Arrival Day at the Academy is in English to allow students to get to know one another, and then the next day, students participate in a Language Pledge® ceremony, committing to speaking 24/7 in their new target language. You will miss this day in English to start building relationships and getting to know other students.
  • Depending on how many days of classes you miss from arriving late, your language outcomes at the Academy might be slightly less than students who participate in the full program. Additionally, if you do not participate in the pre-assessment test, you will only receive at the conclusion of the Academy, results from the post-assessment rather than a report of your overall growth.
  • We cannot offer a pro-rated tuition for late arrivals, as we will have the bed reserved for the full length of the program and hire our faculty members and residential life staff to strict ratios to ensure personalized guidance and support for each student.