Language Policy

Language Policy

In our “No English Spoken Here” community, students commit to speaking in their target language 24/7.

Students attend the language Academy each summer to dramatically improve their language skills in Spanish, French, Chinese, and Arabic. The language program consists of hands-on language immersion with approximately 125 hours of supervised instruction in the classroom and another 150 hours in the target language during cultural activities, meals, free time and nightly activities.

To maximize student learning during the four-week immersive experience, we require that students fully commit to being productive members of the Academy community by abiding to the Language Pledge®. This commitment to language immersion is not easy, but it is the best way to make tangible language gains in a short amount of time. Even though there might be moments of fear and frustration along the way, you will feel proud of your accomplishments at the end of the language summer camp. Our trained staff will support and encourage you throughout the process to help you succeed and meet Language Pledge® expectations.

As the Pledge is the core value within the Academy community, we hope all students will take this commitment seriously and honor the spirit, philosophy and integrity of this language requirement. While inadvertent or unintentional mistakes may result in a break from speaking in language, intentional, multiple and ongoing failures to speak, listen, read and write in language will be treated as conduct that violates the Language Pledge®.

In our “No English Spoken Here” community, even hearing another student speak in English is detrimental to the language acceleration of other students in the program. Our staff will work with students who are having trouble with the Pledge to find solutions for maintaining full-language immersion. Students who continue to violate the Pledge deliberately and demonstrate non-cooperative attitudes may experience disciplinary consequences, including loss of privileges, probation and eventually dismissal from the program.