Language Academy Policies

Drugs, Sex, Cigarettes Policy

We take students’ safety seriously at the Academy and have a no-tolerance policy for misconduct, including the use of drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, or partaking in sexual activities. To maintain a safe and supportive environment for students of all ages, we expect students to abide by our student code of conduct. You can find our full policies here in our handbooks for each site.

Policy on Alcohol

Students are prohibited from drinking alcohol at any time during the Academy, whether at a U.S. site or abroad, where it might be legal for a student to procure and consume alcohol. A violation of this rule will result in immediate expulsion, and students will return home at the family’s expense. Students and parents are both required to sign a statement that indicates you have read and understand this policy before attending the Academy.

Policy on Drugs & Tobacco

The possession, use or distribution of illegal drugs and substances (including drug- or alcohol-related paraphernalia) or tobacco in any form, is in violation of the Academy's rules and regulations. Additionally, the misuse of prescription drugs or the possession of prescription of over-the-counter drugs without Academy permission are also in violation of our policy on drugs and tobacco. Students who violate these rules will be dismissed from the Academy immediately, at the family’s expense.

Policy of Sexual Activity and Sexual Harassment

The Academy aims to create a comfortable environment for a culturally- and age-diverse community. As such, students are prohibited from engaging in any inappropriate physical contact or overtly sexual behavior. Students are not allowed on the floor or wing of the opposite sex, and students must sleep in their assigned rooms. Shoud students engage in inappropriate actions, disciplinary action will be taken, potentially resulting in expulsion from the program at the family’s expense.