Calling Home from the Language Academy

Calling Home

Wait, no cell phones? Read about our policy on calling home.

Spending four weeks during the summer without your cell phone might seem unnecessary (and may even be more of a challenge than the Language Pledge® itself!)... but there's a method to our madness. We want you to make the best possible language gains during your four weeks of immersion at the Academy. This means truly limiting the amount of English you are exposed to throughout the program—including calls home and Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

To maintain our immersion environment, students will have limited access to their cell phones throughout the program. Students’ cell phones are stored securely in the main office at each site and are available only for call-home times, during which Academy students are welcome to call family members and friends, or check in on social media.

Letters and care packages are welcome for students at our U.S.-based programs. Parents are also welcome at any time to call the summer site office with questions or concerns, or check out our blog for daily updates and photos. The summer site office staff will return all parent phone calls within 24 hours—unless it’s an emergency, in which case we will respond as quickly as possible.