Language Academy Testimonials

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Best Part of the Academy Student Testimonials

Best Part of the Academy

Academy students share their favorite part of the Academy and their proudest accomplishment.

What Academy Students Say

What Summer Language Academy Students Say

Find out what students have to say about the Summer Language Academy!

What Parents Say

What Summer Language Academy Parents Say

Find out what parents have to say about the Summer Language Academy.

Abigail Dagher - Arabic Academy

Dominique, Arabic Academy Student

“I plan to pursue a career in teaching Arabic.”

Samori - French Academy Language Student

Samori, French Academy Student

“I can go almost anywhere in the world knowing another language.”

Theodora Bean, Spanish Academy Student

Theo, Spanish Academy Student

“There are more possibilities for me now that I have a stronger Spanish background.”

Joseph, Arabic Academy Student

Joseph, Arabic Academy Student

“The Academy helped me realize that Middle East studies is what I love. Arabic is my future.”

James - Spanish Academy Language Student Testimonial

James, Spanish Academy Student

“What you learn isn’t just Spanish. You learn how to communicate.”

Ryan - German Academy Language Testimonial

Ryan, German Academy Student

“When all the hard work comes together and you can have a good conversation in German, that’s the best part.”

Kalista - German Academy Student Testimonial

Kalista, German Academy Student

“The immersion experience is really one of the greatest experiences of my life.”

Marguerite - French Language Academy Student

Marguerite, French Academy Student

“It's been really fun living here and making new friends with people in the dorm.”

Collin - French Academy Language Student Testimonial

Collin, French Academy Student

“I really enjoy that the vast majority of people try to stay in language 100% of the time.”

Julia - Chinese Language Academy Student Testimonial

Julia, Chinese Academy Student

“I participated in a Tai Chi class, an ancient Chinese music class, a singing class, and a Chinese writing class.”

Doug - Chinese Language Academy Student

Douglas, Chinese Academy Student

“They really do a good job of tying the language into the culture.”

John - Chinese Academy Student Testimonial

John, Chinese Academy Student

“The Academy has taught me not just words, or vocabulary, but they’ve really tried to teach me ways of learning.”

Jonah - German Academy Student Testimonial

Jonah, German Academy Student

“The immersion environment made my transition into thinking and speaking in German much more fluid.”

Matt - Spanish Academy Student Testimonial

Matt, Spanish Academy Student

“That’s where the real learning comes in. Just being completely surrounded by Spanish.”

Natalie - German Language Academy Student Testimonial

Natalie, German Academy Student

“The proudest moment was when I realized I’m thinking in German. And it’s a great feeling.”

Sydney - Chinese Language Academy Student

Sydney, Chinese Academy Student

“My language skills have improved that much. That's something that I'm really proud of.”

Tabea - Language Academy Teacher Testimonial

Tabea, German Academy Teacher

“My students are very independent learners, and very brave students, coming into program like this.”

Tong - Chinese Language Academy Director Testimonial

Tong, Chinese Academy Language Director

“There are many activities: Chinese folk dance, pop music, calligraphy, brush painting and tai chi.”

Romaine French Academy Student

Romaine, French Academy Student

“We all have a common way of communicating, even though we're from different parts of the world.”

Sergio Spanish Academy Parent

Sergio, Spanish Academy Parent

"I think it's important for my son and for our entire family to be multilingual because it opens up new cultures."

Ally French Academy Student

Ally, French Academy Student

“The first thing you say when you wake up and the last thing you say when you go to bed is in French.”

Garron - Language Academy Student Testimonial

Garron, Chinese Academy Student

“When you're able to use it all day, you become more confident in your speaking abilities.”

Caper - Language Academy Student Testimonial

Caper, Spanish Academy Student

“You can't be a global citizen if you don't know languages.”

David - Spanish Academy Language Teacher

David, Spanish Academy Teacher

“You're not just teaching the language; you're teaching about the culture and how to communicate.”

Cynthia - Language Academy Teacher Testimonial

Cynthia, Chinese Academy Teacher

“I always tell my students that I want them to see themselves as a global citizen.”

Jake - Summer Language Academy Student Testimonial

Jake, Chinese Academy Student

“We're living our lives here in Chinese, but we're still living our lives and enjoying them.”

Leslie - Language Academy Parent Testimonial

Leslie, Chinese Academy Parent

“I want to position my son to really be a global citizen.”

Kristin - Language Academy Testimonial

Kristin, Spanish Academy Teacher

"I just can't wait to see where they'll go in the future because it's going to be amazing.”

Josephine - Language Academy Student Testimonial

Josephine, Chinese Academy Student

“It's been a really enriching experience.”

Marty - French Academy Testimonial

Marty, French Academy Teacher

“The students learn at an exponential rate; it’s astounding the progress that they make.”