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The Summer Academy is canceled indefinitely. 
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Arabic Academy

No matter your background or prior Arabic language experience, if you are passionate about learning Arabic and committed to speaking Arabic 24/7 at the Academy, you will dramatically improve your Arabic language skills.

For the summer, join us at at the beautiful St. Michael's College campus, in Colchester, Vermont, for a US-based immersion program that accepts rising 8th through 12th grade studentss—from beginners to advanced Arabic speakers. You'll spend four weeks with other like-minded students, speaking Arabic and gaining an appreciation for Arabic words and culture through cuisine, art, history, dress, dance, geography, and politics.

Why Learn Arabic?

Arabic is one of the oldest languages in the world. Students studying the Arabic language are introduced to a world of rich history and culture. With nearly 300 million speakers across the globe, Arabic is the official language of more than 20 different countries and has become the fifth most spoken language in the world. In addition, Arabic speakers are in high demand–a need that is only expected to grow considerably in the next few decades. This demand is reflected in the U.S. State Department’s identification of Arabic as a “critical language.”

Arabic students at the Academy will learn Modern Standard Arabic. Sometimes called the Literary Arabic, this dialect is widely taught in schools and universities, and used in work places, government, and the media. There are many dialects of Arabic spoken in different countries in the Middle East and North Africa, but people from these countries all use Modern Standard Arabic to communicate with each other.

Experience Arabic Culture

Arabic language Academy students enjoy their full language immersion experience in the classroom, where they are exposed to different dialects through their teachers, and through cultural activities. Understanding Arabic culture goes hand in hand with learning the language. For Arabic students, cultural exploration may include:

  • Tasting traditional Arabic food
  • Drawing maps of the Middle East
  • Listening to Middle Eastern music
  • Belly dancing
  • Learning Arabic drumming on the tabla
  • Drawing calligraphy or applying henna designs to hands and feet

When cultural opportunities are available nearby, we find a way to engage with the local community, as well as bring that community to you.



Saint Michael's College—Colchester, Vermont

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Arabic Academy

Home to our Arabic Academy for this summer, Saint Michael’s College is located just off the shores of Lake Champlain, near Burlington, Vermont.

Campus housing, classrooms, and facilities are all within a short walking distance of each other. At the center of campus is a beautiful green, where you'll often see Academy students playing frisbee or soccer, practicing tai chi, sitting in class outdoors on a sunny day, or just relaxing with friends during free time.

Downtown Burlington is a quick bus ride away. Named by Travel & Leisure as the top college town in America in 2014, Burlington is the perfect area for students to gain a college experience, all while enjoying a safe, fun and engaging summer in Vermont.

Our Arabic programs at St. Michael’s College are open to rising 8th–12th grade students, from beginners to advanced students.

Visiting Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, located on the shores of Lake Champlain, is Vermont's largest city with a population of roughly 42,000 people. Burlington is home to a number of colleges and universities, including the University of Vermont, Burlington College, Champlain College, and St. Michael's College in the neighboring town of Colchester.

Burlington is a vibrant city full of art, diverse restaurants–from Vietnamese to Middle Eastern cuisine–locally owned shops with Vermont made products, and, of course, Ben & Jerry's for a quintessential Vermont experience. Church Street in Burlington—complete with street performers, shops and live music—is a must see for visitors. Most students at the Academy will visit Church Street during off campus excursions and some language Academies will explore Lake Champlain by boat!

Saint Michael’s College Housing & Facilities

Saint Michael’s campus features a beautiful green, a new student center with on-site coffee shop, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, athletic fields, and sports facilities. Academy students will live in dorms on the Saint Michael’s campus, where they will also take classes, participate in cultural exploration activities, and enjoy free time. Students will live in Lyons Hall and Joyce Hall and will enjoy meals together in language at the Alliott Student Center.



Group excursions may take you to Burlington’s Church Street, a pedestrian open air mall with shops, restaurants and foods carts, street entertainers and musical performers, and a sprawling farmers’ market each Saturday morning. Just down the hill at Waterfront Park you’ll find picnic areas, a boat marina, sailing center, skate park, and an eight mile bike path beautifully situated on the shores of Lake Champlain.

Tour Saint Michael’s College’s campus virtually now!



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“Studying at the Academy was an amazing experience that helped me improve my knowledge of Arabic. I will remember this experience for the rest of my life.”

Maximillian, Arabic Academy Student