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Why I Chose to Come to MMLA

January 28, 2014

Growing up in a bilingual household and having studied Mandarin Chinese since the age of five, I can’t remember a time when language learning wasn’t a part of my life. I love the challenges presented by learning a new language and the feeling of being... read more

If You’re Interested in Attending MMLA, Read This!

January 28, 2014

You’re probably reading all these blog posts and wondering to yourself, should I do this? The answer is yes. Here are a few reasons why. 1. You learn about a new culture like you’ve never learned about culture before. I always knew I wanted to... read more

What’s Better than Doing Something You Love with the People You Love?

January 23, 2014

I am a traveller. I’m constantly on Google Earth, looking up the most random places in the world and taking a virtual tour. I am also a language-lover. Everyone is good at something. My something just happens to be languages. I want to combine my love... read more

Arabic Language Learning Guide

Why Speak Arabic? Arabic is one of the oldest languages in the world. Students studying Arabic are introduced to a world of rich history and culture. With nearly 300 million speakers across the globe, Arabic is the official language of more than 20... read more

Chinese Language Learning Guide

Why Learn Chinese? More than 848 million people in the world—about one fifth of the world’s entire population—speak Mandarin (a part of the Chinese language family), making it the language with the largest number of native speakers. Students... read more