Summer Academy Blog

Another journée fantastique with the French Academy!

July 2, 2014

Today we had a full plate of activities. Students continued to work hard in their morning lessons and afternoon cultural classes (this week features subjects such as Francophone Music, Normandy and French communities in America like Quebec and... read more

Classroom Perspective

July 2, 2014

I had the pleasure of visiting various classes this morning to observe the students in their own learning environment. I was able to see all three academies in action and was surprised at the level of comprehension in each class! I was very impressed by... read more

Important Information for Swarthmore Academy 2014

July 2, 2014

In case family members missed it previously, we are including important information on the Swarthmore Academy below. Please keep this for your records and reach out with any questions or concerns! SWARTHMORE ACADEMY PROGRAM ADDRESS MMLA Program-... read more

German’s Alpine Adventures in the Green Mountain State

July 2, 2014

Today, the German Academy enjoyed spending the entire afternoon at the Bromley Ski Resort for an Ausflug. There, students were able to ride the Rodelbahn, or Alpine Coaster. They also played mini-golf and rode the other cool attractions, such as the large... read more

Big Moves: Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) at Swarthmore

July 2, 2014

In one of our afternoon activities, students learned  about Chinese Chess orxiangqi in today’s class with Xie Laoshi! From pao to bing to ma and ju, we learned how to hold our own against the best! Whether in... read more