Summer Academy Blog - GMC 2015

Smells Like Team Spirit!

July 3, 2015

Here at the Academy, this Sunday is Field Day and the students are busy preparing. On Field Day, the different Academies will compete against each other in events ranging from water balloon tosses to musical chairs to an inter-Academy talent show! While... read more

Academy Enthusiasm

July 2, 2015

Although activities are scheduled to start at nine in the morning, if you take a walk around campus earlier, say around seven thirty, you will find that campus is awake and bustling. From groups of students headed off, or returning from, their run, to... read more

Bunt in Burlington and Dartmouth Discussions

July 1, 2015

The weather may have been dreary today, but that did not stop our Academies from enjoying themselves either on campus or on their respective outings. While the Arabic Academy continued their exploration of geography and regional cultural differences, the... read more

Through a Mom’s Eyes

June 30, 2015

As the CEO of Middlebury Interactive Languages, the parent company of the Summer Language Academies, I am lucky enough to be able to visit the Academies as a part of my work day. And with the location of the domestic sites in close proximity to our... read more

Henna Designs and Space Invaders

June 30, 2015

Today, Mr. Serag Abdullah, a teacher in the Arabic Academy, continued his facilitation of a Cultural Explorations unit on the geography and cultures of the Middle East. Students were divided into small groups and drew maps of the region. At the end, they... read more