Summer Academy Blog - GMC 2015

Body Language

July 9, 2015

Below, Andrea Scott, a Spanish RE, shares her impressions of the weekly free time activities which the students engage in every day.  “Every week, the students select an interesting activity which they will participate in for the duration of the... read more

World Expo and Afternoon Fun

July 9, 2015

Class time at the Academy is quickly coming to an end. With tomorrow marking the end of the last full week of classes, the students are fast wrapping up their time here at the Academy. But that does not mean the fun is over!  This afternoon,... read more

Middlebury Magic auf Deutsch!

July 8, 2015

A torrential reminder of our trip to Burlington, the skies opened up as the German Academy boarded the bus in Poultney and headed off to Middlebury College. Luckily, the sun triumphed and provided the Academy with an ideal day to explore the campus where... read more

Let the Good Times Roll!

July 7, 2015

With the excitement of the weekend dying down, the students have resumed their normal schedule of engaging in a variety of academic and cultural activities.  From intense classes and cooking explorations to model-building and sports, the German... read more

Growth in Language: Verstehen, Verstanden

July 6, 2015

Can you believe that with the Fourth of July weekend now behind us, we are entering into the third week of the program? Time is truly flying by here at Green Mountain! This week, we will be featuring the perspectives and experiences of Resident Educators... read more