Summer Academy Blog - GMC 2015

An Afternoon to Remember

July 12, 2015

This afternoon, all of the Academy students on Green Mountain campus congregated together in Ackley Auditorium for World Expo, an afternoon of presentations, songs and dances which showcase what the students have learned throughout their time at the... read more

Vamos a la Playa!

July 11, 2015

Today, the Spanish Academy spent the afternoon taking part in a beach-themed event we named, “Vamos a la Playa”, or Let’s go to the Beach!” Students spent two hours outdoors on this beautiful and sunny day playing volleyball, dancing to Latin music,... read more

Magical Moments

July 10, 2015

Every night, I meet with my seventeen marvelous students to catch up on how they’re adjusting to the Academy and what they’ve been learning. During this time, we usually play an icebreaker, like el sombrero mágico, where each person writes down... read more

Summertime and Livin’ Is Easy

July 10, 2015

As a local resident of the Green Mountain state, I might not have the most objective opinion, but I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a lovelier place to enjoy the summer sunshine than Vermont. Of course, it then naturally follows that some Vermont summer... read more

Ticas Divas

July 9, 2015

So far, the students have really enjoyed the weekly dances at the Academy, and the young ladies love to show up in style. They say that it isn’t a party unless everyone is having fun. Days before the dance, the girls gather together to decide not... read more