Summer Academy Blog - GMC 2014

Making the Most of the Last Weekend

July 14, 2014

Spanish Academy Recently la academia español visited Burlington, VT where students impressed both the locals and themselves with their speaking abilities. The day began with a leisurely boat tour around Lake Champlain. We searched for ... read more

World Expo!

July 12, 2014

Spanish Since their first day at MMLA, students have been preparing for the World Expo. The Expo, which took place Friday night, is an opportunity for each Academy to showcase what they have been learning in their Cultural Exploration classes, in... read more

Academy Photography: A Spanish Student’s View of Vermont Beauty

July 11, 2014

Hawaii native and Spanish Academy student Talia finds the Vermont flora different from the island plant life she is used to. She set out to capture Vermont’s unique beauty.  -Talia, Spanish Student .hero { display: none; }

The Expo Is Coming!

July 11, 2014

Chinese Academy: The Art of Fans (扇子) The rustle of fluttering pink fans filled the Bogue dance studio this afternoon as five Chinese Academy students worked out the final choreography for a fan dance they will perform at the World... read more

UPDATE: German and Spanish Call Home Time Switch

July 10, 2014

Dear parents and guardians of our Spanish and German Academy students, In order to ensure that the upcoming field trip the Spanish Academy is taking on Saturday 7/12 and the German Coffee and Cake/World Cup watching event on Sunday 7/13 can both be... read more