Summer Academy Blog - Comillas 2014

Comillas Foundation

July 9, 2014

One of the recent visits that Academy students made was to the Comillas Foundation, the international center for the teaching of Spanish as a Second Language. Originally built as a Seminary for the underprivileged, it soon became a world-renowned ... read more

Comillas Academy Pays a Visit to “Albergue La Peña”

July 8, 2014

After watching the movie “The Way” in Spanish, our students learned about the importance of this pilgrimage, the traditions behind the story of James (Santiago), and the different paths people take to get to Santiago de Compostela. Comillas just... read more

Have You Ever Been Chased by a “Cabezón”?

July 8, 2014

Have you been chased by a “Cabezón”? We have. Although not many know the origin about this tradition, during the festivities of Saint Peter, a few “cabezones” (translation: big heads), march through the streets and chase people at the local plaza.... read more

Who is Cooking up the Spanish Academy’s Tasty Meals?

July 8, 2014

It’s our pleasure to introduce Juan, the cook at Abbas Hotel. He is a gregarious Cantabrian who has worked at the hotel for a few years now. Aside from being the person responsible for the Comillas Academy’s meals, Juan is also an educator (he has a... read more

Students Try on Traditional Cantabrian Costumes

July 8, 2014

Carlos Pérez Balbas and his wife, Maria Josefa “Curri” Fernandez Sampedro came to El Esplón to show their traditional Cantabrian costumes. They have several dresses, a few general decorations and a huge pride for their ancestors. We had one of the most... read more