Summer Academy Blog - Comillas 2014

Learning How to Make Perfect Pinchos from our “Master Chef”

July 17, 2014

Juan Manuel (often referred to by students as JuanMa) was our chef for the last 4 weeks. During this time Juan not only cooked for us, but also provided us with lots of great memories through his excellent company and humor. At some point everyone in our... read more

Students Create Their Own Pincho Recipes

July 17, 2014

After Chef “JuanMa“‘s pincho cooking instruction, the students paired up and started working on their own creations. They had to combine textures, flavors and ingredients to make their own style of pincho. Each one of the groups presented... read more

Thank You to the Comillas Academy Staff

July 17, 2014

Before our Academy comes to a close, we’d like to give a very sincere and BIG thank you to our amazing MMLA Comillas faculty. There are an incredible group of talented and dynamic people who made this experience for everyone such a... read more

Learning an Authentic Comillas Paella Recipe

July 15, 2014

Yesterday students were treated to an amazing cultural experience as part of culinary week. The Comillas Academy visited a local restaurant and met the owner, Beatriz, who not only fed students with delicious meals, but also taught them how to cook... read more

Comillas Paella Recipe - Additional Photos

July 15, 2014

Our cooking in language experience yesterday was so amazing that we just couldn’t stop snapping pictures of the students having fun! Here are a few more to see the students in action. -Alejandro .hero { display: none; }