Why Choose the Academy?

Here are our top four reasons to attend the Language Academy.

The Academy is an enriching program for motivated middle school and high school students who want to accelerate their language skills, while enjoying a pre-college summer camp experience with other like-minded teens. Language immersion can be challenging, but choosing to spend a summer learning a language at the Academy offers a number of tangible benefits.

1. Experience

We are the academic leader in world language instruction. Our Academy experience for rising 8th-12th grade students is based on 100 years of language education at Middlebury College’s renowned Language Schools. We know that the best way to learn a language is through full immersion, and at the Academy, we take immersion seriously. Students and instructors take a Language Pledge® to only speak in the target language 24/7. We make every effort to minimize English language pollution. So leave your t-shirts with logos at home, and tell your friends you will be in touch (maybe in a new language!).

2. Role Models

Live and learn from people you admire. Don’t be surprised if your teachers and residential advisors have lived abroad in language—and lived big. They know first-hand the struggles of becoming fluent and are dedicated to helping you learn in a fun and engaging way. When surveyed, our alumni often rave about the hands-on, enthusiastic and supportive mentorship at the Academy.

3. Cultural Exploration and Project-Based Learning

We believe in learning language in a cultural context. This means that in-class language instruction in the morning is balanced with cultural activities in the afternoon that bring the language to life. Depending on your target language, you may be learning salsa or Tai Chi, following designated media outlets in language and producing a media clip, taking Chinese cooking classes or playing soccer against a rival language.

4. Domestic and International Opportunities

At the Academy, you can decide where you learn best. Choose to focus on language learning on a Vermont college campus or in an international setting abroad. Contact us, and we can help you decide the best setting for you!