Consider a partnership with the Academy to expand opportunities for students to learn another language.

The Academy works with schools, foundations and international organizations to create opportunities for students to attend our summer language immersion Academy.

One of the most effective ways for us to expand opportunities for students long-term is through developing partnerships with institutions.

Partnerships may take different forms depending on your institution’s needs and interests. They range from sharing materials and presentations to establishing a more formalized relationship that conveys a commitment within your organization to world language education and global citizenship at the middle and high school level. Benefits of such a partnership may include tuition discounts, scholarships, active joint recruiting and co-marketing of successful student outcomes.

We seek several attributes in partners: an institutional commitment to language learning and global education, a commitment to identify students who are passionate about language learning in an immersive environment and an ability to co-invest in students’ success.

To learn more our partnership program, please contact Nicole Marcheterre at