Beijing 2015 Faculty & Staff

Beijing Faculty & Staff

Meet the director of our Chinese Study Abroad Academy in Beijing, China.

Jing Hu, Program Director

Jing Hu is on the faculty of Yale-NUS College in Singapore where she is part of a team developing the college’s new Chinese Language Program. Her courses at Yale-NUS include Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Chinese. Before teaching at Yale-Singapore, Jing taught Chinese for 8 years at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Jing has a Master’s degree in Comparative Linguistics from Peking University and a Master’s degree in Chinese Linguistics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has more than ten years of experience teaching Chinese to non-heritage students in the United States, China and Singapore.

At both Smith College and Yale-NUS College, Jing organized and participated in a range of events including a Chinese film seminar, several Chinese speaking contests and numerous Chinese cultural activities. She has spoken frequently at conferences on the subject of teaching Chinese as a second language and the area of Chinese linguistics. In addition to teaching, Jing’s interests include classical and modern Chinese phonology and Comparative Linguistics of Sino-Tibetan languages.