Academy student in class

Why Refer Your Students

Students who are motivated and passionate about language learning will thrive and excel at the Academy.

As educators, you know the difference that you can make in a student’s life. Your work inside and outside of the classroom challenges students and expands their horizons. You inspire them to leave their comfort zone and take risks. Your guidance can spark a lifelong love of language, adventure and opportunity.

If you have students who are passionate about language learning and cultural understanding, please consider referring them to the language Academy. We offer enriching summer programs, domestically and internationally, that embody the gold standard in language immersion instruction.

Here are five reasons to recommend the Academy to your students.

1. Academic Integrity

Our Academy experience for rising 8th through 12th grade grade students is based on 100 years of language education at Middlebury College’s renowned Language Schools. We are an academic leader in full immersion language learning, understand the intellectual and personal challenges involved and have support systems in place to help your students thrive.

2. Full Language Immersion Experience

Maximizing second language acquisition requires both language learning and language use. At the Academy, students have opportunities for both. They attend three hours of classes each morning and spend the rest of their day living in language with a community of friends and mentors.

3. Learning in Context

Our language instruction occurs in a meaningful communicative context and makes use of games, sports, arts, dance and songs. Depending on their target language, your students may be learning salsa or tai chi, following designated media outlets in language and producing a media clip, taking Chinese cooking classes or playing soccer against a rival language.

4. Language & Culture

The language Academy begins with the premise that language and culture must be taught together. Through exposure to instructors from all over the world, residential educators who studied abroad, cultural explorations projects and off-campus excursions, your students will be exposed to different dialects, ideas and possibilities. In short, the Academy experience is expansive and possibly life-altering.

5. Student Outcomes

Whether an absolute beginner or advanced speaker, your students will dramatically improve their language skills. Here are our stats: on average, 88% of students gained one or more levels on the ACTFL language proficiency scale, and 45% of students gained two or more levels. No other program can demonstrate these outcomes.

Feel free to call us to discuss our programs. And if you have a handful or more of students applying to the language Academy, consider becoming a partner organization with the Language Academy.