Curriculum and Classes

Curriculum & Classes

Our curriculum is designed to engage and immerse students in language and culture—from beginners to advanced speakers.

The summer Academy is not your traditional classroom setting. There are no textbooks or grammar rules to memorize. Instead, language is learned in the context of authentic cultural materials, using project-based, experiential learning to incorporate grammar and vocabulary with lessons in history, art, cooking and contemporary issues.

There are no tests or grades at the Academy, but students are assessed at the beginning and end of the program to measure starting and ending proficiency levels. After the initial language assessment, students are placed in a classroom with peers of comparable language skills.

Each week, students will be introduced to new vocabulary, ideas, and grammar associated with a range of themes, such as family, food, music, sports and geography. Cultural exploration classes are a large part of the language learning experience, as are daily routines, excursions and activities.

More information about the language classes at the Academy:

  • Language classes are held Monday through Friday for approximately 3 hours a day.
  • The average class size is between twelve to fifteen students. This small class size helps create a supportive environment for all language learners.
  • Whether at the dinner table or on the soccer field, every moment is turned into a learning opportunity through our full-immersion language experience.