Student Notebook

Student Outcomes

How much language acceleration can you expect from four weeks of immersive language learning?

Living immersed in a new world language 24/7 for four weeks is challenging, but it's also worth every moment of frustration and self-doubt that you might experience during the program. You will dramatically improve your language skills. You will gain confidence communicating in language. And you will learn how to navigate daily life in a new language, including making friends, eating meals, taking classes, playing sports and enjoying free time.

Every year, we hear from Academy students who describe a “lightbulb” moment when suddenly they aren't translating their thoughts from English to a second language, but rather thinking in their target language. Students also tell us that by the end of the Academy, they’ve not only begun thinking in Spanish, French, Chinese, German or Arabic, but they've also started dreaming in it.

Tangible Results from a Summer of Language Immersion

The large majority of students who attend the program will gain at least one full level of language learning, equivalent to a year of language study in school. We also see about half of our students gain two (or more!) years of language acceleration during the four-week program.

Students take a pre-test and a post-test at the conclusion of the program to gauge their language growth. Although the Academy is not accredited and, therefore, cannot issue you formal credit for the immersion program, we do send students an end-of-summer progress report that can be presented to your school to be considered for credit. We hear from many students that when they return to school in the fall after a summer at the Academy, they typically can skip a full language level!