Arabic Academy Students and Teacher in Class

How the Academy Prepares You for College

Why full language immersion at the Academy is ideal preparation for college.

1. Proficiency

You will accelerate your language learning and gain confidence communicating in language. At the Academy, you take the Language Pledge® and immerse yourself in hours of spontaneous conversations with friends and mentors. The outcomes are impressive. This past summer, 91% of beginning students gained a full language level on the American Council of Teaching of Foreign Language’s proficiency scale. Over the years, we have seen up to 88% of all students across language levels gain at least one full level and roughly 45% of students gain two or more levels. That is a lot of language growth in just four weeks (and may allow you to advance to Advanced Placement® or Honors classes or take upper-division language classes in college)!

2. Confidence

You will grow personally. At the Academy, you live independently on campus, make new friends, share meals and embrace the challenges of this pre-college experience. Students consistently report that completing the Academy gave them genuine confidence in themselves and their language abilities.

3. Academic Advantage

You will excel. World language learners consistently outperform English-only learners in a variety of academic subjects. Moreover, studies suggest that learning an additional language strengthens your overall communication skills, critical thinking skills and performance on standardized tests. So challenge the executive functions of your brain through language learning and get ahead!

4. Global Mindedness

You will expand your worldview. At the Academy, you take language classes in the mornings and engage in cultural exploration projects in the afternoons. These hands-on activities link world languages with the arts, film, music and dance. Not only will you roll up your sleeves and get involved, but you will also become inspired to live more boldly and creatively in our diverse world!

5. Marketability

You will become career-ready. There is a great demand for graduates with multilingual skills, and the Academy will help you meet this demand. Whether applying for an internship, a volunteer opportunity or an overseas job, you will have a competitive advantage as a multilingual speaker.